Death and Mayhem. . .

First post and I have so much that I would like to start with, this is fresh off the press.

So when I came to Tennessee I learned all about the sunroom.  In California I never really heard of a sunroom.  At their best a sunroom is a cozy and cute addition to the home.   Once I saw one I decided that I wanted one.  My mom has one and it is pretty nice, it’s like being outside, only. . .  not being outside.  Sadly I have found sunrooms to be pretty uncomfy overall.  The weather here in Tennessee is brutally hot in the summer or uncomfortably cold in the winter.  For a few months during Spring and Fall we have OK temperatures, but when the weather gets bearable  we all HAVE to be outside.  Cabin fever is a bitch!

We bought our home, a big deciding factor was the beautiful sunroom in the back of the house.  The view is pretty good and the sunsets are phenomenal back there.  A while back we had some major storms and our sunroom started leaking, upon further inspection we found that the previous owner had hastily fixed a big problem where the sunroom met the slant of the house roof.  The angle of the sunroom was built wrong so water just pooled up on top during rain and eventually broke through the seal.  During a heavy rain we could look outside the glass double doors in our kitchen into the sunroom and it looked like rain was just pouring into the sunroom.

Natalie and I have talked about either paying a bunch of money to repair it or possibly changing it into an outdoor patio with a pergola over the top.  Either way it is going to be a big job and cost us way more money than we want to spend.  So in the meantime the room belongs to our crazy ass cats.

We have three cats.  I say three but one has been gone for the past four weeks or so.   It isn’t uncommon for one of our cats to disappear for a time and show back up weeks later all nappy and skinny.  When they get back they eat like wildabeasts and sleep for like four days straight.

We have Baron who has been our cat for a long time.  He made the trek from California to here with Mya.  Here is a recent picture of Baron.  We call Baron “B”, Baronophagus, B-roni, Noffa, and Bear Bear to name a few.  🙂

Our second cat, Chloe, we acquired the same way we acquired most of our zoo of animals.  We inherited her from a friend of ours who was going through a divorce and had to move. It was supposed to be temporary but 2 years later and she is still here.  lol!  She is most definitely the one responsible for this blog post.

Our third cat is Mr. Teddy T.  Teddy is by far the cutest of the cats.  He looks like a tiger, only he is colored black and dark gray.  He has some big paws.  Teddy is the cat that has been gone for the past month.  We hope he shows up one of these days.

Anyway.  Our sunroom has been pretty damn uninhabitable.  The drywall on the roof got wet in the floods and fell off, one of the windows cracked when I accidentally put the bbq right next to it and it got too hot, and we never go out there except to get into the backyard or go to the swimming pool.  It has became the area where we keep the full garbage bags until we take them to the dump.  Sadly it is wasted space.

Our cats have taken over the room completely.  We keep their food and water out there.  At any given time you will find one or all of them lounging on the wicker furniture or laying on the glass table.  A lot of time you will see them chasing a mouse around the room that they have caught outside and proudly brought in to torment to death.  Yesterday I went out there and was it hard in the face by the scent of decay.  I immediately saw a dead bird in the corner.  When I got closer I could see a dead mouse right next to it.  I then looked over and saw a dead mouse floating in their water bowl.  This has happened before, they hold the mouse down with their paw and then toss it in the air and bat is across the room.  In this case it must have landed in the water dish.  I looked in the girls princess castles and it was a graveyard of nastiness.  There was a big ass bird, two moles, and a mouse.


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4 Responses to Death and Mayhem. . .

  1. Danielle says:

    Love the blog Nathan! Your writing makes me feel like your talking to me telling me a story!
    Tell Yaz I feel bad for her turkey.
    We also have cats and it’s a grave yard around here too.

    • natg31 says:

      Thanks for the nice words! It was funny, I went out and took these sweet shots of the death and decay. It smelt like hell out there! After I snapped the photos I came inside and uploaded, enhanced, cropped, etc. And went on with my life. 5 days later that big bird was a rib cage with maggots crawling all over it. I puked in my mouth 3 times when I had to clean it over the weekend. lol

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