Poor Mr. Turkey!

So it is hard to believe that the end of November is upon us.  It seems like yesterday we were doing bonfires, grilling in the backyard, going swimming, etc. etc. etc. . .  Seems like as I get older the years go by so much faster.

I found it interesting that 90% of Americans eat Turkey on Thanksgiving.  WOW!  That is a lot of Turkey.  We’re talking billions of innocent gobbling turkeys slaughtered at virtually the same time worldwide.  Don’t get me wrong, I love meat.  If I said I was going to become a vegetarian because of the treatment of animals I would be lying.  I like meat too much.  Beside that, vegetarians and vegans look way to fragile and pale for my taste, kinda borderline zombi-ish.

Through the years though I can remember as a kid doing plays and reading books where the turkey actually had a soul and feelings.  Running from the farmer that beared a shap knife and wanted to chop off its head.  I can remember as a kid thinking about that poor turkey before I poured the gravy on top and rammed my fork in.  I still ate it, but I thought about the poor little guy that gave his life.

So my little girl, Yasmine, is one of the most thoughtful and sweet little girls ever.  Not just saying that because she is mine, or maybe I am….  whatever.  She did this picture in school the other day.  She had to color it and write what the turkey is saying or thinking.  I couldn’t help but flash back to those young days where I felt bad for Mr. Turkey.  Natalie, my wife, got the sad face and said “awwwwww”.

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