When I was young I can remember having a great respect for a well done photograph.  That moment captured on camera can touch a nerve, both good and bad.  In High School I took a photography class .  My teacher was Ms. Lavoie.  She was one of the quirkiest teachers I ever had, and believe me, I had my share of weirdos.

We had fun in that class.  I really don’t remember anyone that was in the class except Kari.  I can’t remember her last name. . .   maybe Stevens?  She was a beautiful blonde girl with a killer smile.  Looking back I really appreciate our friendship because not one time did I try and make a move on her.  Back then I would make a move on everyone because I thought I was the coolest thing on Earth.  With my kidd and play hightop fade and my pinned jeans I thought the world was mine.  Anyway the point is that Kari was great and I respected her, which wasn’t like me. . .

We would sit in class and listen to Ms. Lavoie’s unorganized lectures about cameras and then set out to take pictures around campus.  I plan on finding a few of those and posting them to show you some of my very first shots with a camera.

After we took photos we would go into the dark room and develop the film.  It was really quite cool.

I never had a ton of money so I never really had a camera after High School.  I used to keep a disposable camera in my car and stop on the side of the road if I saw something inspirational.  I kind of got my photography fix doing this.  Wish I had kept some of those shots, wish even more that I had developed all of them!

Natalie and I got a camera on Ebay after we moved in together.  Nothing too fancy but it was a great camera that we would use for years.  It was a Nikon Coolpix.  It had a lens that you had to flip open to operate.  Thus is kept the camera from getting damaged when you had it in the closed position.  This is probably why it lasted me so long.  Also it took great pictures which I would grow to appreciate after I upgraded to a supposedly “better” point and shoot camera.

I recently broke down and bought a Canon Rebel T3.  It is so nice to have a camera that takes such great photos.  I love how the background is blurred and you can even go for that really blurred bokeh background.  There is so much pop to pictures.  I always thought that I was taking decent pictures before until I see that photos my rebel produces as opposed to the older photos.

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