So I was listening to my morning talk radio show and it got me thinking.  I listen to the free beer and hotwings show on the buzz here in Nashville.  It was such a relief to find them because the morning shows here really suck.  I love sports talk radio but in the morning it is not good at all.  Mostly they talk about local teams and a lot of highschool football.  I started listening to Kidd Kraddick but the station took him off.

Free beer and  hotwings is one of the funniest shows I have listened to.  They cover a lot of current events and don’t really lean in one direction so their coverage is pretty fair .  Plus they have Joe, he does some of the funniest stunts ever.  Check out their page online if you want a good laugh.

They were talking about a guy who was planning on killing a bunch of women but was caught because the police got a hold of his diary where he documented all the shit he planned on doing.  The dude was on a date with a woman he met online when the police closed in.  Presumably she was going to be the first victim.  Talk about traumatizing.  So they started talking about what makes people get that way.  Is it nature or nurture?  I am not a strongly religious person but I do believe some people are born fucked up and are capable of evil things.  Well, I think we all are capable of evil things but 99% of us know better and suppress that urge.  I think people that are capable of doing truly evil acts, like rape, molesting, murdering innocent people, etc.  are just sick.  Maybe a mental deficiency.

So I guess the reason I wanted to bring this up is because I once looked into the eyes of someone who I believe had this “evil” in them.  I remember it well.  My friend Brian and I were Lake Tahoe.  I was losing my ass at the Black jack table.  Brian was winning.  Why is it that when you gamble with friends one of you usually wins and one loses?  Anyway, I put down my last 5 dollar chip and lost.  I had some cash left but we had another night there and I had to control myself.  I told Brian I was going to go hang out in the lounge area.  It had seats surrounding a stage and little round tables where people were sitting enjoying a live show where some lady was dancing and singing while a band played in background.

I saw a seat right at stage side and I walked over to have a drink and wait for Brian to get done.  To my left a dude was sitting and talking to another dude.  To my right there was another dude.  You could feel the coldness coming from his direction.  It was a white dude, probably in his thirties.   I sat and watched the girl on stage singing but could feel him looking at me.  I turned and looked at him.  He stared at me with the blankest look, but yet he looked disgusted as fuck.  I smiled nervously and said “Hey man, how you doing?”  he didn’t budge and just stared at me.  It was creepy as hell.  I kept my nervous smile and turned back to watch the show while he just looked at me.  I was too proud to just get up from what felt like total dread.  I really wanted to, if I wasn’t a man I would have gotten up and ran the fuck out of that lounge.  I turned my body slightly away so I could not see him and only the girl on stage.  It didn’t help, I could still feel his presence.  I felt like I had stumbled into a cave where bears lived and the father bear would rip my ass to pieces to protect it’s young.

The waitress walked up and asked if I wanted a beer.  I asked her for a Corona and she left.  I glanced back and he was still staring at me like some zombie.  Let me get this straight, I had seen enough people that were drunk or on drugs.  This guy wasn’t.  I thought in my head I would sit this out until my beer got there.  What felt like a fucking eternity ended finally when the waitress came back with my beer.  I paid her tipped her and took my beer out of there as quick a possible without looking back.  The black jack table Brian was at was just outside the lounge area.  I told him the story with my eyes wide open and disturbed.  Brian laughed and kept playing, he was winning.  The table was empty so I sat down on the end and watched.  From my vantage point I could see the entrance to the lounge.  Within 5 minutes there was a a bunch of ruckus.  I saw about 6 security guys running into the lounge.  I knew right away that something had happened, and it involved that crazy motherfucker I was sitting next to.

Within seconds the entryway to the lounge was packed with rubber neckers.  I wanted to go and look, but then again I didn’t want to look.  Sure enough, the security guards had the dude handcuffed.  They were dragging him out as he had a complete spaz out.  His face was covered in blood but his eyes still had that blank evil look.  My body trembled and I was covered in goosebumps because I know what could have been.

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