The Front Tooth Debacle 2013

So, I always wanted kids. Well for as long as I can remember anyway. Things in my house are usually pretty dramatic. Probably because I have 2 little girls. A splinter becomes a huge traumatic event. “oooooohh don’t touch, owwwww, owwwww, owwww, … .. . . . . . . .” When I get irritated at all the drama I think back to what a dramatic little bastard I was. Yasmine and Bailey are 6 and 9 years old. At this stage everything they say and do is pretty much learned from us, I don’t complain much. In fact I laugh like hell when I probably shouldn’t.
So Bailey has had this loose tooth for weeks, not exaggerating, It has been a hanging, weird looking thing since before Thanksgiving. Her other front tooth was super loose but she was too chicken to pull it out. Finally one day at lunch while at school she accidentally swallowed it. Ha ha! The tooth fairy, luckily, still paid her a visit. So we have tried and tried to get her to get rid of this tooth, and she just couldn’t do it. While I was giving her a tub I looked at it again. It was starting to look nasty and yellow. She won’t touch it, so I know her toothbrush has gone around it for weeks and weeks. I told her that her tooth looked gross and she needs to get it out. She said “Okay Da da.”
So this video takes place that night. This is 9 minutes long but pretty much catches the entire event. I love it because it really captures the personalities of my crazy kids and is just a small example of one night in our house. Hope you enjoy, please feel free to leave comments about your kid’s tooth loss stories.

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