Dude. . . . My pool. . . .

So we live out in the country, not the country country, but the country.  We have a few neighbors, but not many.  Put it this way, I could mow the lawn butt naked and not have to worry too much about being seen.  The road sits about 100 yards in front of our house but you would have to be paying attention to see while driving past.  Perhaps my white ass in contrast to my beautiful brown skin might catch the attention of a driver or two but regardless…  I’m telling you this because I don’t really believe I should have neighbor issues out here.  It’s not like the condo I grew up in where I could here all my neighbor’s conversations right on the other side of my living room wall with the use of a simple cup.

So this 1st post is about our newest neighbor Ray.  He moved in a couple of years ago right across the road.  His wife and him retired  and moved here from Florida.  In his defense he has been one of our friendlier and more outgoing neighbors.  Seriously, “Boots” from across the road accused my dogs of killing his cat.  WTF?  I told him my dogs are bad and they DO escape their pen from time to time.  But they ARE NOT cat killers.  And he acted like he believed me and hung up.  Well at the time they weren’t cat killers. . .   I’ll save that for another day.

So my friend and I Ben rent a big lift from home depot and a top of the line pruner.  I had just spent $250.oo on a sweet beast of a chainsaw.  We spent an entire winter day, freezing our asses off, trimming trees and cleaning up the place.  We cut our wood into sections and piled it neatly in back to dry out for the next season.  So here come Ray from across the street.  He was very interested in our cedar wood we had cut down, claiming he had a hobby of making wood bowls from it.  I wasn’t home at the time.  Natalie tells him that he can help himself.  He only wanted a couple of pieces.  So he leaves and returns in his pickup truck to collect.  Now most people would just walk back around the house and grab what they want.  Most people.  Instead he decided that he would rather drive back past my pool  and get as close as possible to the wood pile.  In the process he backs his dumb ass into my pool and bends the living shit out of it.  He pulls forward and looks at it and pushes it back and then finishes collecting his wood. 

Now he walks to the door and knocks and tells Natalie he accidentally backed into the pool, but assured her it wasn’t a big deal.  He said only a post was bent and it was an easy fix.  He knew it was easy because his son had the same thing happen and he easily fixed it.  I’m thinking his old senile ass backed into his pool too.  He leaves the scene of the crime and Natalie goes back in to work.  Did I mention Natalie loves fruit salad?

Later that day Natalie goes and looks and sees our mangled ass pool.  Keep in mind we just bought it the last summer.  I was going to install it myself but ended up paying a dude like $800.00 because it involved leveling the ground and replacing some parts.  Not a job for me.

So below is a picture of the post we had to remove.  We had to remove the whole top section and put the ring around the top.  I had to put this in a vice grip and straighten it up.  Trust me, it didn’t look like new when I was done.  He knocked the entire bottom out of the frame.  Instead of taking the whole pool out, which would involve buying a whole new liner.  We are going to have to use concrete screws to hold it down into a cinder block under the ground.  Thank you to my beautiful little girl Bailey for holding the post for me and for being such a big helper.IMG_1381

Now when Natalie told me what had happened, I naturally flipped out and dropped a few F-bombs.  How careless and stupid, and why the hell was he backing up by my pool?  And then he just leaves?  He should have offered to fix it or have someone else fix it.  When I saw it I could hardly believe that this dude had the nerve to act like it wasn’t a big deal.

I considered contacting our insurance and filing a claim because I guarantee it would cost at least $1000 to fix it properly.  Natalie kept saying “Awwww, he’s old.”, and I kept repeating that he was old enough to know better.  Part of me wishes I would have sued his ass or challenged  him to a fist duel.  Hahaha!

So anyway, after some painstaking work I got the thing looking OK.  If you look at the below picture you can see there his pickup scraped viciously along the side.  The far right post is the one that was mangled.  I think it looks pretty good all thing all things considered.  So I guess the moral of the story is don’t trust your old ass neighbors around your property.  LOL.


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