The next Taylor Swift?

Ever since my little baby girl was just able to write we would catch her sitting and writing in her little journal.  Often times silly, she would be writing songs.  A few of them have been really catchy.  Here she is, Yasmine.


At her school they were in music class and they had to partner up and write their own song lyrics.  Her partner Ashley and her wrote a song.  The class went on a field trip last week to the country music hall of fame in Nashville, TN.  Out of all the kids, only 7 were picked to be sung by a song writer/musician to music.  The entire class a got to hear these songs created to music.  It was really quite amazing to hear the music after it was done.  That day Yasmine was so excited because her song was picked and sung by the artist.  Not only that, the class voted and said her’s was the best of all the music.  We’re proud of this girl and her creativity.


Here is a link to the version you can listen to. If you like it let her know!

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3 Responses to The next Taylor Swift?

  1. marilyn (gramma) says:

    Yasmine that was BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Danielle says:

    Love it! So amazing that she wrote this, I’m thinking she’s a natural!

  3. Tesore says:

    Yasmin you’re not only beautiful, but all the way a smart lady! Show the world girl. I’m so proud of you. Big kiss and love from The Netherlands.

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