2013 Recital

For about 9 months of the year Thursdays for me are hectic.  On a typical Thursday I get go to the school and meet the kids for lunch in the cafeteria at school.  Bailey has lunch and then Yasmine shortly after.  I spend about and hour and a half in the cafeteria.  I leave and usually do some yard work, like mowing the yard.  At 230 the bus gets home and we scramble to get them ready for dance and volleyball.  This is no small feat, they both act like they are starving and exhausted from the day at school.

I drive across town to Dance works on Broad Street for Bailey’s hip-hop class at 330-415.  After that we rush across town to sportscom for Yasmine’s volleyball practice.  This has become even more demanding since they asked me to help coach.  The number of girls that shows up has grown exponentially and we don’t really have enough room to teach them as thoroughly as we would like.  Plus, there are so many different skill levels in the gym that we have to teach the newbies plus keep the experienced ones entertained.  My role as a coach has grown and I feel a lot of pressure to show up and help them teach the girls.  The class runs from 430-600 but I have to always leave early at 530 to get Yasmine across town and back to dance works for her hip-hop class.

We get there and are usually home free for the night.  Well add the fact that both girls are currently playing baseball and we often have to get them to the games and practices and your talking about a full schedule.

Every year dance works puts on a recital.  It takes a lot of time, we have picture day, we have rehearsal, and then we have recital.  It is finally the day for the big recital.  Here is video of both girls performing.

Bailey’s class did “You can’t touch this”


Yasmine’s class did “Party Mix”



We are so proud of these girls and their little buddies who put on such a great show!

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