Dahmer Boy. . .

So, this blog post will be short and to the point.  Last week an old friend was in town and this incident happened that had me laughing so hard I was crying.  Those that know me have seen my laughing fits numerous times.  It seems to happen most with my sister for some reason.  We both just start laughing at something lame and it just keeps going and going.  People around us get pissed because they don’t get it…  at all…  I remember it happening at a restaurant in Fortuna when we were young and at lunch with our mom and grandpa and his wife, Judy.  For some reason, my mom was trying to be really serious and adult like.  I forgot what happened but my sister and I started giggling over something that had happened under the table.  Before we knew it we were going ape shit.  My mom was livid.

It happened again with my sister at a party in Santa Rosa.  We really knew no one but the few of us.  It was really boring and uncomfortable.  We started blowing into our beer bottles, it sounded like the horn from the titanic so we started blowing and quoting from the movie.  A couple of the quotes “If you jump, I jump Jack”, and “I’m on top of the world!”  For some reason everyone at the party was so irritated and pissy.  That didn’t discourage us because we kept it going and laughing like wild animals.  I still think back to that night and giggle loudly!  So if you go to a party and everyone is a downer, try this technique.  LOL

Anyway, this incident had me in tears all the way home.  It might be one of those “had to be there moments”.  So I’m driving driving down Northfield and getting ready to turn onto Lascassas Pike.  I think I was looking at my phone at the red light when I hear Eric Hawkins in the passenger seat say “Dude, that guy is scary!  He looks like Jeffrey Dahmer!”  I really couldn’t see him because he was slightly ahead of us, as you can see from the following video.  I start laughing and tell Eric “that would be so funny if you rolled down the window and said ‘excuse me sir, has anyone ever told you that you look like Jeffrey Dahmer?'”  I laughed for about ten seconds and before Eric could do anything I rolled down his window so he could do it.  I told him to hold on so I could get my camera into position.  “Position” was awkwardly in my left hand over my right shoulder pointing at him as nonchalant as I could.  I just looked forward acting natural as I held my phone.  That explains the shitty filming.  Eric says “Hey man(awkward pause…….), how ya doin”  The guy turns around, and to my surprise, Eric was right.  He was one of the creepiest looking dudes ever.  He never responded, just stared back like a serial killer would in that situation.  Like any real man would do Eric chickened out and they just looked at each other longingly for a short time that felt like an eternity.  I noticed he was looking at me holding my phone and I put it down.  The picture captures the moment pretty good and the look he gave.  After I drove away I started laughing so hard.  I asked Eric why he chickened out.  “That dude was scary”.  I said “You got his attention and you should have just followed through.”  lol


We got home and told my wife all about it.  She had the perfect line “That video should be in the police hands, it could solve many unsolved mysteries.  hahaha!

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