Celebrity Siting

Even though I was born and raised in California I still get very starstruck when I see a celebrity in public.  It’s pretty stupid because, they really are just people.  I shook the hand of some NBA players when I went to a warriors game in Oakland, I sat right in the row in front of JR Ryder at summer jam.

My proudest celebrity siting came about 8 years ago when I was taking numerous flights out to Nashville out of the Oakland airport.  I had gotten on a connecting flight out of Nashville that stopped in South Carolina and then flew to Oakland.  I got out and stood at the carousel anxiously awaiting my luggage so I could make the late drive home.  To my dismay the carousel stopped and my luggage never showed up.  On the outside I kept cool but inside I was panicking big time.  My bags had gone missing.  I had heard stories about this happening to other people and the headache it caused.  I looked around the airport for someone to help me when a black gentleman said “Hey man, you looking for your luggage?”  I glanced at him quickly but just kept looking around to make sure no one was running off with my stuff.  I said I was.  It’s probably over in that room over there, and he pointed to a small room in the corner of the baggage claim area.  I said “OK and just frantically walked over to the room”  My bag was on the ground.  My tension was suddenly gone and I was overwhelmed with relief.  I grabbed my bag and walked out towards the parking lot.  The gentleman who had told me to check the room for my luggage was right on the side of me as I walked and I looked at him.  I suddenly realized that this was MC Hammer.  I took a double take and got a smile.  I said “I got it, thanks!”  He smoothly nodded his head. I said “Your MC Hammer.”  almost quietly in a whisper so I wouldn’t let anyone know.  He said “what’s up man.”  I nodded and walked away while my heart raced.  Hammer was my childhood hero, I could sing his albums front to back and back to front.

Last year my mom asked if we wanted to go to breakfast in Nashville in the Vanderbilt area.  We went to the place she wanted to go, it is called Pancake Pantry (something like that).  There was a line of about 200 people outside waiting to go in.  In fact, every restaurant was packed to my surprise first thing sunday morning.  We got a seat near the door at a little Bistro.  I looked and saw a very familiar dude sitting and drinking coffee.  It was Deacon from the show Nashville.  His real name is. . . .. . . . .   (have to google it real fast!)

………Chip Esten (I thought it was Charles Esten)

I snuck a photo of him as he walked by.celebrity siting

Ha ha, you can see the top of Bailey’s head!

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