The Grey

The other night Natalie and I had one of the rare opportunities we have to get a free night to watch a movie.  Back before we had young kids this is what we did on a regular basis.  As time has passed I have found that I am starting to grow sadly resentful at the current state of movies.  Add to that the fact that I am a tightwad and my movie going experiences are dreadful.  Seriously, for me and the wife to watch a movie it easily cost $30.00, plus I have to fight for parking and find a seat that I like if I get there in time.  Then I have to hope that some big afro sporting 7 footer doesn’t plop down in front of me.  Don’t even let me get started on the idiots who have their phones turned on, or the young kids that talk the whole time.  What the hell?!?

I sometimes will go to the store and buy a bunch of snacks to sneak in and I will sit there and devour a huge bag of hot tamales, or drink a smuggled beer.  Weird but other people seem to frown upon my smuggled beer more than those teeny bopper’s obnoxiously bright phone and annoying ringtone.  So for them I tip this beer for you!

Sorry back to the point.  I am very picky what I watch.  I rarely get to go to the movies and I hate feeling like I just got robbed at gun point when I leave the movie theater.  So now I rely on a website called to make my decision.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with all the “so called experts”, but this website takes a bunch of movie critics and gives a movie an overall score between 1-100.  Any movie that scores below a 60 is considered bad, or a rotten tomato. Seems like most of the time I agree, although there have been a few exceptions.  Go check it out if you haven’t, and type in some of the movies you have loved and some you have hated.  You might see that the numbers line up.  Great tool for deciding a movie to watch.  I also have the app on my iphone that I use often, it is called flixster, I refer to it often to see how a new movie has scored.

So my choices this weekend after checking out were Chronicle, Safe house, or The Grey.  Chronicle scored the highest on the tomato meter with an 85.  However I really wanted to see the Grey with Liam Neeson.  I knew Natalie wanted to see Safe House really bad, and I didn’t blame her at all.  You can’t go wrong with a Denzel joint.  But in this instant I really wanted The Grey.  The night we went it was cold as hell in Nashville (around 28 degrees and brutally windy), plus years back we went on a family vacation to Anchorage, Alaska to visit Natalie’s dad who worked for an oil company.  It felt like the perfect movie.

When I got there the theater it wasn’t crowded at all.  The long line in the lobby was for Safe House since it was newer.  I had smuggled our Starbucks coffee in the pockets of my big jacket and let Natalie pay while I kept my hands in pocket.  Insert evil laugh!

When the movie started the sound was ear piercingly loud.  I was irritated at first but this ended up being great for the movie later because there was a lot of intense windy weather in the movie and you could literally feel the seats shaking in those blizzard scenes.

So to keep it brief and not spoil it, this was a great movie from start to finish.  It seemed like an old school movie that took it’s time and for the first time in a long time I really felt like I was there with the cast.  The plane crash in the beginning is so intense and real your heart will race.  I felt cold and hopeless for most of the movie (which was a good thing).  The movie is not about wolves like some may think but about man and the will (or lack there of) to survive.

I absolutely loved this movie and highly recommend it to everyone!  Any questions?

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