Our date night at Zanies

So my wife and I had another rare night out without the kids.  I was planning on doing something for weeks but my job is demanding and getting time off has been an obstacle.  I’ll be really happy when my district manager supports me and gets me another shift manager so I can try and take a few days off without stressing out, well that’s another blog for another time.  Gotta stay on topic.  In my travels around Nashville when I had a route, I passed Zanie’s numerous times.  The area was pretty ghetto and it looked small and unattractive.  However I heard commercials on the radio all the time about the comedy club.  Some seriously big names have performed there.  I happen to be a huge fan of stand-up comedy.  I remember crying hysterically as a kid to Eddie Murphy RAW and Delirious, Richard Pryor, and I spent endless hours as a teenager watching Russell Simmons Def comedy jam. 

I guess I am writing this as sort of a tutorial on how Zanie’s works.  I was curious and asked a few friends who had been there, but had to experience it myself.  I hope this post will fall upon the eyes of someone who is going to Zanie’s, or considering going to Zanie’s for a night out.  I looked up reviews prior to going but none really got into the details I wanted, so here is the post I wish I had ran across in my journey.

So we got tickets to go see Jay Pharaoh on a Saturday night.  For those who don’t know, Jay is on Saturday night live.  He does a ton of impersonations.  He really is hilarious!  My wife bought the tickets online for the 8 o’clock show.  We got a hotel about 10 minutes away so we could just stay in Nashville and not have to drive back.  The ticket prices weren’t too bad, it varies from show to show, we paid $20 a ticket.  You sit wherever you can find a seat.  We were told to arrive early so we could get a good seat. 

We got there at 7 o’clock and the streets were empty.  The small parking lot behind the club was packed.  Across the street was a dollar general store with a bunch of cars parked on a grass knoll behind it.  We couldn’t find parking easily.  The grass area was full of cars and so we parked at the back of the dollar general parking lot.  It warned of towing cars that were not customers of dollar general.  I rolled the dice and parked because I have fire fighter plates and I seem to get away with more.  Lol.  We sat in the car for a while and debated parking there.  Finally we walked around to the club entrance and went into the front window.  I told the girl we had tickets to the 8 o’clock show and we had never been there.  The 7 o’clock was going on right behind the curtain and the crowd was laughing hysterically.  She told us the line forms out front and that we could wait in the car since it was so cold outside and just keep an eye on when the line starts forming and we could get near the front so we could get good seats.  Our parking spot was not in visual range of the front of the building.  We decided to go back to the car, because we were still scared of being towed for our illegal spot.  When we got back we saw a limousine parked right next to us with a dude sleeping in it.  My wife was creeped the hell out.  “Is he dead?”  I looked close and responded that I didn’t know.  She told me to hurry and open the car door.  We were going to wait until the cars started clearing out and grab a legit spot.  Time kept ticking and no one left the club and entered the parking lot.  Finally we decided to get out and go back because it was already 7:45. 

When we got back to the front of the building it was eerie.  All the people in line were turned around in the opposite direction of where they should have been looking towards the entrance door.  It confused the hell out of me.  I asked the person in front if that was the front of line or back and she said the front.  They were all turned around, rubber necking an accident that took place directly in front of the line.  Glass and plastic littered the road.  We ended up in the line that curled around the building.  It was behind schedule because we waited outside in the freezing cold for over 30 minutes.  I notice during this time that a lot of people parked across the street, not in the subway parking lot but to the lot to the left of it if you are looking at it.  The only drawback is that you have to walk across a fairly busy street to get to Zanie’s.

We got in and our seat was near the front of the stage and in the corner by the exit door.  It was a great seat.  We could see the stage perfectly and it felt somewhat private.  It didn’t seem like there was a lot of bad seats in the building.  It is a very small cozy environment.  Immediately after being seated the waitresses begin to go around and take orders.  You have a menu and you have a 2 item minimum.  We ordered some chicken finger and a sampler plate.  I had a beer and Natalie had a glass of wine.  The food wasn’t horrible.  I did plan on having dinner afterward and just wanted a snack.  The cost of the food and beer was about 15 dollars a person. 

The show was great.  I became a big fan of Jay Pharoah and Zanie’s.  I highly recommend this to anyone in the Nashville area looking for something fun and different to do.  Makes a good date night, way better than sitting quietly in a movie theater.  We plan on going back when Chelsea Handler is there.


The limo with the “dead” driver.  Hahahaha


Here is our seat view of the stage.


Jay Pharoah on stage

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