Adrian Senior Shoot

I have been doing photography for a while.  I am still testing different equipment and figuring out what suits my style.  I love shooting with the 50mm on my canon rebel.  This lens is so much fun.  It’s a prime lens, so it’s a bit limited.  Still, I rarely take it off my camera.  I now have some experience with the 24-70 and the 70-200.  All great lens.  It seems to me that senior portraits is what I love most.  I have more freedom to try different things and also figure out cool things to do with the senior’s interest and hobbies.  This is the market that I would like to work in the most.  A couple of years ago, I told my chief at the fire department that I would do 50% off senior portraits for any firefighters who were interested.  I was excited to pose them in full turnout gear and in front of the equipment and trucks but my chief never passed the message and it never happened sadly.

I met a family through some of my co-workers while I was working.  The mother shops at my store weekly.  Her and her husband have three girls together.  I instantly liked the daughters.  They were all so fun and free spirited.  I found out that Adrian, the oldest, was home-schooled and about to graduate.  My co-workers told me that they didn’t have a lot of money.  Because I like them so much, I offered to do her photos for free and wave my fee for the shoot.  The family was excited and Adrian was really excited!  Because I work 60-70 hours a week I couldn’t schedule them at first.  When we planned a day the weather would turn and we had to put it off.  Finally, the weekend after my sister’s wedding in Tucson, we planned it on a sunday morning and it worked.

My wife has become my left hand man(or woman) in my growing side hobby/business.  She has learned a ton about using her DSLR, Lightroom, photoshop, and just general photography.  She has a knack for posing people and getting them into great positions to take good photos.  So that day, she came and so did my daughter Yasmine.  I met them at the Stones river battlefield in Murfreesboro.  At first it was Adrian, Adrian’s mom Leigh, and her sisters Audrey and Alana.  Later their father Norman showed up as well.  I usually don’t enjoy a large crowd when shooting but they all made the shoot pleasant and were very involved.  I snuck in a few family shots as well.

Adrian was amazing.  I couldn’t have asked for a better subject to shoot.  She was dressed in a dress but right when we got out into the woods she spots a tree and starts climbing it.  I had to rush and get my camera ready and my new Gary Fong Lightsphere up to get her photographed.  She was very photogenic and down to take a picture wherever I asked her.  She liked to do the serious faces so I had to work a few times to make her smile.  The session went very well and the family and Adrian were very happy with the results.  Here is one of Adrian’s personal favorites.Image

This photo was challenging to get.  It took a lot of post production to get this look but the end result was fantastic.  Right?


As you can see I added a bit of temperature and added a light to the left so it looked more alive and sunny out.

ImageImageHere are the sneak peeks from the shoot.  The first I shared the night of the shoot.  The second I shared a few days later on my facebook page.  Go like me by the way!  Adrian doesn’t play sports or have many hobbies but she does know sign language so I decided to incorporate it.  In the photo she is doing the sign for “I love you”.

So all in all it was a great photo shoot and I look forward to more senior sessions!

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