P90X3 round 1

I really don’t like to post pictures of myself period.  This is a big jump for me to post this picture of myself without a shirt.  However, I want to be complete and fair when I tell my P90X3 story that way people who are considering can see the possibility of lack of.  Like I said in the beginning, I don’t really believe in dieting.  I enjoy good food too much and life is too short, I am not going to count calories or deprive myself of delicious bread or desserts.  No way Jose!

During this first phase of 30 days I have gained a ton of muscle.  I can feel it, maybe the picture doesn’t show it, I don’t know?  Because of muscle gain in all areas of my body, my weight loss has not been significant at all.  My wife keeps assuring me that muscle weighs more than fat because I sneak in to the scale and always bitch and moan about my weight. 

I have really enjoyed P90X3, during this time I have only missed one work out in the first week that I made up promptly on my day off. The short 30 minutes is very reasonable with my hectic work schedule and my time and dedication to my little girls.  I am actually behind on this post because on Monday I start the final week of phase 2.  I am so happy to have gotten so far.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to post but really this post is just to quickly post my progress and pictures.



I forgot to write before and after on the top photo while in photoshop and am too lazy to fix, I also put them backwards.  Lol!  The right side is before and the left is after 30 days of P90X3.





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