So when I was younger I think I read a book by Stephen King about a group of friends who grew up together and through the years they stayed in touch by going on a yearly camping trip.  Maybe the book was Dream catcher?  Not sure, really.  I thought it was cool and I wished that someday I could do the same.  How cool would that be to just escape everything and have a guy’s weekend away from work, kids, and responsibilities?

Reality set in as the years passed and all of my friends started to get families of our own and move onto the next chapter in our life.  It’s really kind of sad because I have so many memories with a lot of guys that I considered family for many years.  Rarely do I talk or stay in touch with any of them.  We all broke away from the group for various reasons but I will always look back fondly on 40 nights, endless hours shooting hoops at S-park, and playing video game football.  Oh, and I can’t forget all the super-competitive prison rule ping pong matches in Art’s garage.  Good times.

So, a couple of years ago I was talking to Andre about getting together a guy’s weekend retreat/ reunion.  He was excited and thought it was a good idea.  He gave me an excited “I’m in!”  I also ran the idea across my friend Eric and he also seemed super excited and wanted to do it.  The problem is, these are two of my old friends that I talk to regularly.  There are multiple guys I wanted to invite but was really kind of too chicken shit to do it.  They might say NO, hell they may say NO, but I started thinking that life is too short to not just give it a try.  Worse case, only 2 of us show up. . . .   Well I still guarantee that I am going to have a great time anyway.

I guess the fear comes from the fact that some of us did not part on the best of terms.  Most of the issues that caused us to stop communicating are really petty in my eyes and growing up has shown me that holding grudges is not really worth it.  In a perfect world all of our wives and kids could meet and get to know each other.  But we can cross that bridge later….

So here it is in black and white.  My proposal for a reunion.  I do not have a date set yet until I hear back from. . .  whoever. . .

My good friend Ben, who I met at my volunteer fire department where I am a volunteer firefighter.  He was a firefighter also.  We  talked about my idea one day while we were on our way driving the 10 hour drive to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Ben’s mother in law has a condo on a golf course in Gulf shores.

See link here:

We talked about inviting some of our friends from California (He is also from the Bay area-  Sebastopol), for a weekend golf outing.  The condo could be like a central point.  We could squeeze people in there or some could stay at a nearby hotel.  The course is a 9 hole course but it is really fun.

Here is a video of Ben and my trip there last year.

Right next door there is another course that is super nice too.  There is a beach not too far away and fishing.  My family has made this our vacation spot for a couple of years now, after we get done spending a few days at Gulf Shores we take the car fairy across the gulf and drive over to New Orleans for a few days.  Great time!

My idea for our trip would be like a Friday, Saturday, leave Sunday kind of deal.  I just want to make it a weekend so we don’t have to waste a vacation week.  For me I would probably head there after work on Thursday night and come back that Sunday some time.  If you are interested please respond to this or email me directly.  I really hope that you all will be open to the idea of getting together and catching up on the past few years, I think it would be fun and I do want to hear all of your stories while drinking a cold beer.

A few of the people I have in mind for this trip are Art Jahnsen, Jason Gong, Manuel Ramirez, Brian Hou, Victor Wang, Andre Benavides, Eric Hawkins, and a few others.  (Sorry been working all day and my mind is fried, I’ll update this post when more names come to me).  Also if you are interested please throw out more names of people we used to hang with.  Could lead to a very fun and interesting weekend.

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