Game of Thrones photo effect

Lately my wife and I have been binge watching Game of Thrones.  Such a great show.  I tried to watch it a while back but I don’t have HBO.  Instead I have all the other movie channels.  I downloaded a couple of episodes onto my phone and watched it small but I knew my wife wanted to watch it and felt guilty leaving her behind on this adventure.  Recently it became available on netflix and we are hooked.  There are a couple of photo effects I want to try out.  I have an idea that I will try next week when my older daughter Yasmine gets back from Panama City, Florida from her vacation.  I can hardly wait to make it come to life!

I loosely followed the tutorial here: but wanted mine to be a little more gritty because I like that look.  I also wanted a little less blue saturation.  So here is my quick rendition of the popular Game of Thrones posters you see everywhere.  My 7 year old, Bailey took the photo for me and I love her for that.  If your interested in the steps I took please message me and I would love to share.  I still have the psd that you can look at too.

grant throne style

Also here is a link to the hbo link with the posters:

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