Randall Tarpley Carpeting

My wife and I moved into our house and it was a dream come true.  Middle of the beautiful country in Lascassas sitting on 2 and a half acres.  However it was an older house that was built in the 60’s.  Our living room had berber carpeting.  For those that don’t know, berber is a bit rough and maybe not the prettiest carpet.  It does work pretty well when you run a daycare out of  your home though because it has withstood spill after spill, it has withstood pen marks, dog piss, you name it.

We wanted it replaced for a lot of years now.  One of my co-workers told me her grandpa installed carpet for a living so I inquired about how much it would cost.  He gave me an honest estimate.  Later I had decided to go ahead and get serious so I called him.  He came out that night and measured and advised us where to go to get carpet and what kind of pad we would need.  We scheduled it for the end of the month on a Sunday.

I ordered the carpet through home depot and I asked if Randall could pick it up since I do not have a vehicle that can haul couple of big ass rolls of carpet.  Without hesitation he said he could and drove all the way to Antioch to pick it up.  He showed up on time and ready to work on Sunday morning.


Above is a picture of our living room before Randall and his son Bubba started.  Do you like that old ass linoleum that used to be under our carpet?  Haha.  We had torn out the carpet (well actually I worked that day and my wife and step sons had done all the hard labor). 

hard wood floor at entry

I found some hard wood that we wanted to put in the entryway while I was at home depot.   It wasn’t part of the job but they stopped everything and help us to install it.  Thanks for that because we might not have ever got those damn things snapped together!

finished hard wood floor

It probably took 45 minutes to get this in but the end result if awesome.  You can see how nice the carpet looks around it.  It matches perfectly with our kitchen flooring we got a couple of years ago.

Bailey on fur duty

Glad I had Bailey around because she was a vacuuming machine with her little dirt devil.

If you are looking for carpeting in the area I would highly recommend them because the work was phenomenal and they were very pleasant and honest.  Please message me if you are interested in contact information.

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