Lebron James

So let me start by saying I am one of the biggest Michael Jordan fans on earth.  I started to really follow basket in 9th grade as I started to get better at it and really love it as a game.  I often tell people that watching MJ or some of the greats play is as beautiful as listening to some classical music.  It really can soothe your soul.  When I play I enjoy the art of pick and rolls as well as great no look passes and great teamwork.  If I get on a team in pick up basketball that I play every Wednesday night at Oakland and my team is a bunch of individuals who grab the ball dribble twice and then hoist the three I get irritated and don’t enjoy my night.  I need give and go’s, board crashing, no look passes.

So I often find myself in arguments with the younger generation about how great Lebron is.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a great player.  Is he Jordan?  No.  I saw Michael as an awesome player with ice water in his veins.  Unstoppable with the game on the line.  He really put Chicago on the map when no one gave a shit about them.  He built that team.  Without him there would be no talk of Pippen, Kerr, Phil Jackson, Horace Grant, etc.  When the game was on the line you knew he was going to take the shot, the opposition could put 5 guys on him and he would still get off a great shot.  He never gave it to a team mate in that situation.  He was the star and he earned it.  The only player I would put close is Kobe and maybe Magic.  But LA is a big market with big money and the support Kobe and Magic had was far greater than Chicago.

The fact is that Lebron is a physical beast compared to the rest.  He is big and fast and really athletic with a good jumper.  Watching him at times is like watching a grown man play against kids in the driveway.  Despite this, he still finds way to lose.  His heart is not in it when the going gets tough and this is a reason to doubt the man.  To me leaving Cleveland in the first place was a big mistake.  I think to play in your home state would be a dream for anyone, he left that to join other superstars in Miami.  He promised, not one, not two, but 5 or 6 championships.  Lame.  I compare him leaving Cleveland to Peyton Manning going to Denver and not coming to the Tennessee Titans when he had a chance.   He would have gone down as a legend if he came back to the state where he was adored while he played at Knoxville in college.  I understand it is his choice, but sometimes your choices affect your legacy.

So right after Miami lost to San Antonio in the finals talk started to circulate about the chance Miami would break up.  Wade was aging, Bosh is soft, and Lebron was going to be a free agent.  My friend Marc and I discussed this multiple times.  He thought he would end up in New York, I thought it was possible.  I told him that he had to go back to Cleveland to right his wrong, I am not a Cleveland fan but if someone did that to my beloved Golden State Warriors I would be pissed and hurt.  He owes it to them to go back because he never should have left.

Do I like Lebron?  I still don’t.  I think he is a cocky asshole but based on his decision to right his wrong I will pull for him more.  This was a great decision and it needs to be recognized.  If he can go there and make that team contenders in the East it would be epic.  I personally can’t wait to see what next year will hold for Lebron and the Cavs.

I made this picture in photoshop based off my favorite movie ever, The Shawshank Redemption, if you are interested in the making send me a message and I can send you a psd and a mini tutorial.

I made this picture in photoshop based off my favorite movie ever, The Shawshank Redemption, if you are interested in the making send me a message and I can send you a psd and a mini tutorial.

original lebronAnd here is the original photo I used to manipulate in The Lebron James Redemption

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