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I hate to complain ever.  I know that working with the public is hard, people by nature are rarely happy.  I remember a poster at my old job Food 4 Less that said “We cannot be all things to all people” So true.  Basically no matter how hard you try, someone will be pissed at you.

So I wrote a post before about my pathetic experience at Bob Evans restaurant this past summer.  And now I am writing about my recent experience with a company I had never heard of.  I only write because I am in disbelief at their pitiful treatment of customers, and even more disappointed that they have no idea why I am so frustrated.

So I acquired a Nikon coolpix 5700.  It is an older camera but was really expensive.  I have had a coolpix and loved it.  Regardless, when I started shooting professionally I use a canon rebel because lens wise I like the canon better, in fact as I speak fed ex is en route with my 24-70!  Love that lens to death!

Anyway my CoolPix 5700 is in immaculate shape.  Looks like it is straight out of the box.  When I charge the camera and attempt to take pictures, the screen is black.  Everything works fine otherwise but no image will show up.  After extensive research I realize that this problem is very common with the camera.  Here is one of hundreds of online topics about this

Also here

It appears to fit the description of a bad CCD.

My plan was to give the camera to my daughter Yasmine.  She is very interested in my photography work and I want to teach her early.  I figured this camera would be a good starting step before I get her into DSLR.  With her 11th birthday around the corner I would get it fixed and to her.  It would be the best gift ever I thought, yes even better than the Iphone 5c she got for her birthday.

So I called Nikon to ask for help with how I can get this fixed.  After spending too much time waiting, and waiting on hold I talked to someone and they looked up the camera.  They claimed that there was not recall on a CCD.  As I spoke I was staring at the numerous postings, I even saw some on the Nikon website.  But yet she never heard of it?  Finally she suggests I send the camera in to be serviced and looked at.  They could determine if it was a recall or warranty, she referred me to place called PRECISION CAMERA.  I guess they are a camera repair place, in Connecticut, that is contracted to repair Nikons.

So I call them and they also look up my CCD issue and say they can’t find anything about it.  What the hell?  She tells me I can send it in and they do a great job, they will fix the camera from the bottom to the top and it will be in immaculate shape when we get it back.  I was skeptical but packed it up and sent it out with hopes that it would be back before her birthday.  About a week later they called me and said that it would cost $137.50 to repair the camera and I needed to authorize the charges to my card.  I said no at first because I wanted to find more information.  I really thought, and still do, that the camera should be fixed by Nikon for no charge.  Everything about the malfunction fits the CCD issue that so many were affected by.  After a couple of more calls to Nikon and a couple of emails I got no where.

Finally I was fed up trying to get it fixed by Nikon (like they should ) and I called to pay and get it repaired.  I just wanted it back.  So I call precision camera and speak to a woman.  She assures me how great they are again, and that we will be very happy with the camera when they are done.  She tells me it will be shipped back within 5 days.  So we sit back and wait.  2 weeks pass and no camera, I decide to wait until the end of the next week.  I would give them the benefit of the doubt.  But when it doesn’t arrive I finally call them.  I talk to a guy who looks up the ticket number and tells me that he is sorry we had to wait so long, he tells me he has no information on the status but if I call back on Thursday I will have some updated information.  What the hell!?!?!?!  Why did I have to call them?  Shouldn’t they call me at this point?  Also shouldn’t they have called me prior to update me on the status?  Don’t promise 5 days and just let 2-3 weeks pass without contacting the customer.

So Thursday comes along and I call back.  The woman tells me that they technician had problems with the firmware and just had to update the firmware and it would be good to go.  I would see the camera in the next few days.  I was really pissed but at least I knew something now.

But surprise a few days passed and still no camera.  It took about 10 days and finally the camera came back.  However to my dismay, when we opened the box it had a letter. This letter in fact-

Return letter from Precision camera

Return letter from Precision camera

It says Returning unrepaired, parts needed to repair unit are no longer available.

So I understand that this may be the case but the communication was horrible.  I also find it hard to believe that repair is not possible.  How about this?  When you are fixing the camera and realize you are having issues, contact the customer and tell them where you are at in process and it may take longer.  Keep the customer in the loop.  If you can’t figure it out maybe send it to another technician more knowledgeable than you and see if they can fix it.  Maybe contact Nikon and see if there is a fix.  Then if you can’t fix it, call the customer first before surprising them with a package 2 months later with the exact same thing.  That is like Santa dropping off old wrapped shit under your tree and you opening the gift with great anticipation only to realize that you got nothing.

So I am tagging precision camera, Nikon, coolpix 5700, and other things in hope that this post finds anyone considering buying a Nikon, or a coolpix camera, or considering having the completely unprofessional PRECISION CAMERA, repair something for them.  I wish I would have had a post like this to read before I sent my camera away and had to endure 2 months of hell because those fucktards don’t know how to take care of their customers.

I called precision camera yesterday to speak about my anger.  I asked for a supervisor and the one who answered said she was one.  Yeah, whatever. . .  I do hope this post reach a supervisor so hopefully they are updated on what kind of circus they are running there.  My phone call ended with me hanging up, the last thing I said was “You are not helping me one bit and I am done with this phone call……”

Also in fairness, if they contact me again and there are any updates to this post I will update and document anything good they do, or anything good Nikon does.

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