My favorite PSC entries

What?  Oh, my favorite thing in the world?  Photoshop, of course.  Ever since I got into the world of photoshop I was hooked.  It was a great compliment to my obsession with photography and the 2 could live together in the same house without dispute.  But the learning curve has been steep and challenging.  I remember like 12 years ago when a kid custom built a computer for me and installed photoshop on it.  I must have opened it 50 times before I could actually figure out how to do anything.  Holy shit it was frustrating.

So without further ado, here are my favorite photomanipulations from my portfolio at PSC.  Some may not be technically perfect but they have special meaning to me for some reason or another.

Baronophagus dance of the hummingbirds the golden ticket Lost in the world The Crossroads perilous journey Mystical view Flags of our world Fishing day Betrayel blues Nature aeai9teyy94a5sqnkbhcyx480cv403m8grf3 Heroic toss The scientist vineyard Yasmine in imprisoned Dreamland A fire rescue gone wrong moment of terror Unplugged A trailer park romance

Go check out my gallery and judge for yourself.

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