So, during my short stint in the lawn care business I learned a lot.  I have a sloping front lawn outside my house that sits under a great big tree.  Every year when it gets hot, it always dies in the area right beneath the tree.  I aerate and seed every year and it looks great until the heat starts.  I hate it because during the spring I get a ton of compliments on my lush green yard and then inevitably it ends.  I have tried numerous types of seeds but no luck.  After a ton of research I, well actually my wife suggested, zoysia plugs.  It made a ton of sense.  Zoysia is so thick and beautiful on the golf courses.

I remember when I used to work lawn care and had to push a spreader full of fertilizer around yards.  It was extremely grueling work.  I had one yard that I dreaded everytime it came up on my schedule.  It was a full Zoysia lawn.  It looked short but was extremely thick and very hard to push a spreader through.  My legs would ache and I would sweat like crazy.  I was always told that zoysia is great but very expensive.  In my head I would never be able to attain zoysia grass.

I found Amazoy online and did a ton of research.  I decided to go ahead and plant zoysia plugs in my yard, starting with my problem area.  We spent quite a bit of money on a large number of plugs and waited for it to arrive.  I was so anxious to get this done even though I knew it would be a lot of work.

Finally the package arrived!


I was a little disappointed because I really wanted the step on tool that makes the plug holes for you but only got the drill bit.  I actually really sucked because my drill is crappy and only held so much of a charge, making this job way harder than it had to be.  So I called the company to say I didn’t get one.  They said that my package didn’t come with the step on plugger, sorry.  After I got off the phone I wished they had offered to send me one for free or at least offered me one at a cost.  I would have gladly paid it.

The problem area of my lawn.  It looks great in spring but by the end of Summer looks bare.

The problem area of my lawn. It looks great in spring but by the end of Summer looks bare.

Above is the area I really wanted to work on, you can see where I placed a few plugs on the bottom left.

What they send you in the box

What they send you in the box


cutting the plugs

cutting the plugs

I followed the direction to the letter and worked all day to make holes and cut grass into strips and make the right size.  I filled the area with the new plugs closer than I had to because I wanted full coverage of the area.  After I was done, my back was sore but I felt really good about my progress.  Now I would water often and watch my work pay off, or not. . . .

I kept watering and checking everyday.   A few of the blades seem to finally come out of  being dormant but it never really seemed to green up.  In my opinion the zoysia did not live.  Below is a picture of the lawn after a couple of months.


You can tell it looks exactly the same.  I am so disappointed with this product and the end result I can’t even tell you.  Save your money and go with someone else!


P.S.  The company kindly responded to my email and offered to replace my order in the upcoming spring.  I honestly just want a refund, even though it is only $100.00.  The zoysia failed in areas that it might not have had a chance but also failed in areas where there was direct sunlight.  I am however, grateful that they responded with this offer and will reluctantly try again in the Spring.

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