A day in the life of snapping photos

I used to marvel at how overpriced it was to get a photographer.  I wondered how they could charge so damn much and sleep with themselves at night.  Highway robbery if you ask me.  So much that we had to only use our wedding photographer for a short stint at our wedding.  She was there for some prep, the main ceremony, and just a little while into the reception.

I started to really wonder about cost when I met my wife and suddenly had three step sons.  Pictures were pricey and I did not have that kind of money.  I didn’t have much of a camera but would set up scenes around Christmas and get them dressed in their best dress clothes and snap them.  I felt like the quality was comparable to the pro photographer’s work, even though I was only shooting with a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix.

Anyway, getting off topic already.  Haha.  I recently had a family reunion in Humboldt county California.  Since I do photography as a hobby I was asked if I would like to take photos at the party.  I really didn’t want to.  I hoped to relax with my family and drink beer, maybe play some corn hole or volleyball.  But I decided to do my part.  I said I would take photos of everyone as they came in and take pictures of them with their respective party and any other photos if they wanted it.  It was kind of like work but I actually had a good time and my wife, like usual, assisted greatly in the posing and organization.

I got on a rant about cost of photos.  I now realize the vast time and energy it takes to edit large amounts of photos.  Even though I only shot for a limited time at the reunion, I still ended up taking a couple of hundred photos.  It took a ton of time to flag the ones I wanted and fix the others.  No one realizes the time it takes to go through and fix this.  Its all gravy if you can stay in lightroom and make the proper corrections but then to have to take it out and do work in photoshop can be demanding.  Not only time wise but skill wise too.  The amount of time it takes can be overwhelming at times.  I wish people could see all the work that goes on behind the scene.  We whiten your yellowing teeth, we hide your scars and pimples, we magically erase the stain on your shirt, we make your dull eyes pop and look wonderful, and when you ask. . ..    I even perform miracle lipo suction from right behind the keyboard.

So I wanted to share one of the photos from my recent photoshoot at my family reunion.  The couple in the photo is Matt and Shaun.  Matt is my Uncle and is about 10 years older than me, Shaun is his wife.  Before anyone comes on here (like my sister) and tries to throw me under the bus I can admit something.  I did have a crush on Shaun when he first started dating Matt.  I was probably around 12 years old and she was like 20 years old and I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had seen other than Wonder Woman.

So here is the starting photo from out of the camera,

As you can see the photo is rather dark.

As you can see the photo is rather dark.

And here is another one with even more glare on it.

Matt and Shaun

The photo is pretty dark and dreary looking.  You can see I got a massive glare on my lens that covered both of their shirts.  Sadly this is the only decent shot of the two of them.  I love the photo other than the glare and had to do some major work in photoshop to restore the image.  After some work, here is the edited results.


You can see that I lightened the image up significantly and did clone work to fix the glare that covered both of their shirts.  Sadly most people think it comes straight out of the camera like this.  Haha!

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