Sore Loser

Let me get it out there right away.  I am one of the most competitive people you will meet.  I love to win and I hate to lose.  That is why I am successful.  It could be anything and I want to be the best.  I do lose from time to time, but it really makes me better and I focus on what I can do to be better.  I think I am pretty good at being classy when I do lose and treating my competition with respect.

So, as previously written about here my H2H was super exciting.  I had made the finals the year before and lost in the finals.  I had worked so hard and sadly fell short the year before and it was a great story of redemption.  I am a self taught photoshop chopper and was able to compete in a world of graphic designers and other really good artists.  In the final match of the H2H 2014 I faced a really good chopper named ANFA (His real name is Anthony), he is a very great sci fi photoshop artists and has many wins under his belt.  He is also very active on the site and has ALOT of friends that he has known for a ton of years.  He is socially way more active than I have ever been at the website in the forums and chat.

Anyway, I wrote this post because one of my pet peeves in life is sore losers who cannot accept defeat with dignity.  For the finals last year, we had to photoshop a hawk of some sort.  It was hard to think of a good idea, but after staring at the image I decided to come up with an emotional photo of a girl slave in a bird suit, chained in a dungeon, to add a little something more I wanted the spirits of birds rising from her.  Because I am a photographer I pulled out my camera and table and set up my white backdrop.  My oldest daughter Yasmine was going to make the perfect model for my concept.  I set her up and took a lot of pictures until I felt like I had the perfect one.

I then created the following chop

The finished entry.

The finished entry.

I was ecstatic at the finished work.  I could hardly believe I had created this from scratch with various components and my OWN photograph.  Not to mention, I would have an epic photo of my beautiful daughter to hang on my walls always.  When I entered I felt very good, if I lost to Anfa I had accepted the fact that I did my best and losing was not a shame for me in anyway.  When the contest opened and I saw his image I was pretty impressed by the good technical work Anfa always puts in, but I didn’t feel anything about it.  I lacked the story of my imprisoned bird girl.  So like I do every contest in the H2H, I showed my co workers both chops and asked their opinion of which was better.  I asked 6 people and only one even recognized the girl as being Yasmine.  Only one of them said they liked his chop better.

His chop against mine.

His chop against mine.

So based on many people I asked throughout the next few days, I had a good feeling I had a chance to pull the upset.  And when it ended I had won and been announced the champion.

Anfa sent me a generic congrats message and I sent him one back.  But it only took a few weeks for the real bitch in Anfa to emerge.

He wrote to me via one of my facebook postings that something had been bothering him for a while.  He said that he was mad I used my daughter’s image in the contest because he felt like that is why I won.  He said the contest is anonymous and I got votes because people knew it was my daughter.  I was in disbelief at first, and asked him “You have got to be kidding right?”.  Sadly, he wasn’t.  The delusional asshole really thinks he had the better image and deserved to win.  His go to excuse was that I used my daughter to get votes.  I responded that he made no sense.  Hardly any of the voters know what my girl looks like, and a lot of his “so-called” friends on the site (which are numerous) voted for my image.  Why would his votes go my way if everyone voted for my image based on my daughter?  Wouldn’t it be opposite if they knew which way to vote in order to pick the image of their beloved friend Anfa?  There was really no arguing with this retard because he was in complete denial that he got beat fair and square.   Go to the page and look at the comments. My image struck an emotional cord with people and they loved the feel and concept.  A lot of the voters were his people.  Besides that I won by a landslide of votes, I could see if it was close.  Face it little guy, you got beat. . .

The reason I am writing this blog entry is to get it off my chest because today I happened to go the site and saw where he took a cheap shot about it in the forum saying “Before we do this, can we all agree not to post pics of our kids in our chops?”  C’mon man, get the fuck over it.  Tomorrow the new H2H begins and I wish I had the time and energy to enter again, as I have for the past 7 years, and could have a rematch again with him.  I would like nothing more that to mop the floor with his ass.  Sadly, my life is too busy right now for the contest.  I couldn’t give my all and the time it takes to do the H2H this year.  So I sit and maybe wait for next year.

So the moral of the story is:  If you lose, just shut up and don’t make yourself look like an idiot by making outlandish statements.  Quit drinking and hiding behind your keyboard and try to intimidate people.  Learn from your mistakes and get better.  Shit, read the comments lil man.

Just a side note.  The year prior I faced off against a great chopper named Volkeswes.  I created another epic chop against him that won.  Instead of being a bitch, he was classy and handled his defeat with grace.  He told me that my chop was one of the best he had ever seen on the site and congrats on winning in advance.  Coincidentally, the image I created was with externals I had photographed my self.  The arm in the photo was mine, the tree I stood in and shot down to the ground was my tree in my field, the little girl on the bottom is my youngest daughter.

My image in 2014 H2H against Volkswes.

My image in 2014 H2H against Volkswes.

Now that you mention it, as with many many chops I have created.  My daughters are a part of them.  Here are some examples:

27whfjty5ag731guchovnq7fdie2x13btmew m4cfs5sbtz4mp67qlxfzz8brfed0502kme5i v25uzz0bhe2hr6jsmnkkactq5goz0is7sx57

Head to Head 2013

Head to Head 2013

So, kind of funny that only one guy has brought this up in all these years.


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