Movies I want my kids to watch someday

In order to be a good movie or TV show in my book I think it has to touch different emotions.  You should watch the movie and laugh, feel sadness, pride, hate, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally enjoy watching a mindless horror or comedy that doesn’t involve any brain cells.  Who doesn’t like movies like Scary Movie?  Or Cable Guy?

So, as I stated in earlier post, I really write this blog so perhaps one day my kids can grow up and maybe see what was in the mind of their crazy father.  I love movies and I really believe they shape a lot of the way we are.

So here are a few, not all, of the movies I plan on watching with my daughters when they are both old enough to sit through them.  Of course I will tell them to leave their Ipads and iphones in the other room and give these flicks a chance.

#1-  The Lovely Bones


To be honest, we just watched this over the weekend.  As an avid reader I actually read this novel before I watched the movie.  As usual, I enjoyed the book much more but still think the movie was pretty well done.  I felt that my daughters had to watch this to truly understand the evil that exists in this world.   Plus, I love the special effects throughout the movie.


#2- The Shawshank Redemption



This is probably my favorite all time movie.  Talk about bringing you through every possible emotion.  The combination of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman is flawless and the movie is excellent.  Everytime I flip through the TV channels and it is on I always stop and watch it no matter what I am doing.  I think the lesson for my girls is to never give up and make the most of every situation.  “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”


#3-  Glory


Probably the only movie I enjoyed in school that they made us watch.  Its based on a true store of the 54th battalion.  There’s a lot to learn by watching this great movie and it is a great reminder of how black people really were treated in our great country.


#4-  Fight Club


As a huge Chuck Palahniuk fan I have to expose my kids to one of his movies.  Of course Fight Club is the best Palahniuk book to movie(truth be told the other movie versions of his books are horrible)  I have read every book he has written and there is so much about our culture that is exposed.  Fight Club is not just about a bunch of nasty men who meet beneath a bar to brawl but is so much more about the struggle with government and rebellion.  I think the lesson in Fight Club is to not accept things the way they are and that anyone can truly make a difference.

#5-  Pulp Fiction


True story, my friend and I went with a couple of girls to watch Pulp Fiction in the theater and I absolutely hated it.  About a year later a friend of mine talked me into giving it a chance, I did, and it immediately became one of my favorite all time movies.  I think the first time I didn’t really pay attention, this movie jumps around time so much that you have to pay some attention.  I don’t really have a reason my daughter’s should watch this in terms of life lessons except maybe that it is a small world and you should be prepared because someone you meet one day may be very important down the road.  I just think they should watch this masterpiece of a movie and enjoy the great dialogue between the characters.


#6-  The Strangers


I have seen a ton of horror films in my life.  Most of them are horrible.  Every time I get in the horror conversation with friends I always tell them that this is the scariest movie I have ever seen.  What is even more frightening?  It is based on real life events!  The fact that this could happen to anyone at anytime is terrible.  Just another real life reminder of the evil that is out there and to be cautious.


#7-  Lean on Me


This is another movie I sat and watched with my girls a few weeks ago.   Also based on a true story, this movie is so good and I really remember it strongly when I was quite young.  It really gives you hope and makes you feel like you can walk out and change the world for the better.  I have watched this movie a hundred times and it never gets old.

#8-  Donnie Darko


My wife and I watched this movie at home and we had never really heard about it.  We were blindsided by its greatness.  This is a movie I try and watch at least once a year.  All of the characters are perfectly cast and the 80’s setting and music is awesome.  I think for me this movie kind of makes you think about things you normally don’t think of, like time travel and mental illness.

#9-  Jerry Maguire


Just today on the NFL playoffs they had a skit with Cuba Gooding Jr. who was acting like Rod Tidwell.  My daughter was laughing but said she didn’t get it.  I told her that is was a skit from the move Jerry Maguire.  She said “Lizzie Maguire?”  I rolled my eyes and told her that she has to watch Jerry Maguire because it is the best movie ever.  This movie for me is perfect, it has Tom Cruise, it is based on sports, it takes you through all the emotions, and it is just so well done.  The moral of this movie is that loyalty is important and will pay off.

#10-  The Sixth Sense


For anyone that has watched this knows that the movie at the end just absolutely kicks you right in the gut.  Sadly M. Night Shyamalan really didn’t do anything else close to as great after this.  I believe in ghosts because I have had experiences where I have personally dealt with ghosts, therefore I believe and am not skeptical which is maybe why I embrace this movie a lot.  I think my kids will really enjoy this.


So there is is, my list of movies that my kids should and will watch.  Some may be soon and some may be in a few years when it is more age appropriate.  My next movie list will be movies my wife wants our girls to watch.  I decided to have her make a list because I was stuck in my #10 movie and I asked her and she spouted off Fried Green Tomatoes.  I shook my head and said “save it for your own list”  LOL

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