Mybook 5GB external hard drive woes

So a few years ago I bought a WD mybook external hard drive.  I was pretty excited to up my memory because my photoshop collection and photography was eating away at my memory.  I kept having to purge things and get rid of things I kind of wanted.  I couldn’t be the horder I am.  5GB a few years ago was a big deal and held a ton of shit.

A few months ago I noticed weird things.  Like my computer not finding it right away.  I would power cycle it and it would work.  It happened a couple of times.  In my mind I thought “shit”, would suck if I lost all this stuff.  I have all my older pictures, old videos, and my entire music collection.  I basically tapped out the memory with crap that would fit on my hard drive.

So my new favorite jam is Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran.  Not to get off topic, but that is some good shit right there.  It kind of reminds me of old 70’s music, I think of Marvin Gaye when I hear it.  My daughter Yasmine likes Ed Sheeran and asked me to upload it onto my computer so she could have it on her iphone.  I finally decided I wanted it on my phone so I went into my computer and plugged in my iphone. It did all it’s updates and I decided to take off one of my older Tupac CD’s and replace it with Ed Sheeran, X.  It went through the whole process and the next morning I pulled out my phone to hear my song.  To my dismay, there was no Ed Sheeran on there?????  I searched on my phone and noticed that 2Pac was gone too?????   Made no sense at the time.  So I went in and tried to upload again but it didn’t work.  I noticed that the light on the mybook was not on.  I took the power cord out and waited and put it back.  Nothing.

After a lot of research I realized that the mybook from WD has issues and the problems are common.  Sadly, I saw that it wasn’t really guaranteed to work out.   I found a bunch of forums and videos like the one below.

I took the mybook apart and hoped I could figure it out.  Natalie was very skeptical.  “Maybe you should take it to someone who knows what they are doing!”  She said.  Sadly I saw in my research that data recovery could cost up to $1500.  I got to the hard drive inside and tried to get it to work but it would not respond at all.  I ended up going to Best Buy the next day to buy a SATA cable.  When I connected it, it still did not work.  Now I was getting major anxiety, I started thinking about all the stuff I lost.  I was sick to my stomach.    I should have replaced the fucker when it started to act up months ago.  Stupid. . .

I had a desperation plan.  I heard if you freeze it, that could make it work.  I read it numerous places and had to try.  I froze it overnight and tried the next day and. . . . .   you guessed it, nothing. . . . . .

I found a thing online called a hard drive dock.  I had never heard of this before.  Keep in mind I am not super computer literate.  So I shopped around and bought one from Newegg called and EZ-Dock by Kingwin.  I placed the order around the 12th of December and expected I would get it within a couple of days, which is normal when we order online.  I have been on pins and needles for 10 days now and it finally arrived.  When I got home from work I viciously tore open the box with great fury.

I connected it to my computer, which was very easy, and inserted my hard drive that came out of my WD mybook.  A few seconds later I got the notification on the bottom the my devices were ready.  “DEVICES”!  I clicked on the notification and it showed the EZ-Dock and the WD 5GB.  I opened it up and all my documents were there.

I listened to Ed Sheeran, thinking out loud directly off the hard drive about 16 times in a row and sang at the top of my lungs so happily while my daughters stared at me like I was a lunatic.  LOL!

I love this damn thing!

I love this damn thing!

Even my inappropriate ones I thought were gone forever.

Even my inappropriate ones I thought were gone forever.



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