My Broken Finger

I have played sports for pretty much my whole life and have been lucky because I have avoided many injuries and broken bones.  I did have to get surgery for a dislocated shoulder from football but I think things could have been a lot worse due to the number of years and variety of sports I have played.

Last week I was recovering from a bad back and when the guys included me in the group message to play pickup basketball at MTSU I decided that I should go and stop wallowing in my misery with my sore back.  Get out there and sweat a little!

So during the first game of full court I go to grab a rebound and I misjudge it a little bit and it hits my pinky hard on the end.  Ouch, I think.  It felt like a jammed finger, which I have endured a hundred times on the basketball court and as a wide receiver playing football.  I run down court and look at it and it looks crooked because it was slightly sticking out.  I kept playing and had to make sure my D was on point because my guy was a scorer and I needed to shut him down.  It was my left hand, and I am right handed so I got the ball and crossed a guy over to my left and and went to the hoop and scored.  As I ran down court I was trying to bend my finger but it was getting harder and harder.  A couple of trips down court later I got the ball in the post and layed it in over my defender’s outstretched arms.  The game came to an end and I sat on the side and looked at my pinky.  It was now hard to bend and was beginning to swell.  Out of character for me, the next team went to play and they asked me if I was going to play, I said no (I never say no).  Another guy who was sitting out that game and I started talking and I showed him my finger.  He said I don’t think that is broke, I think you dislocated it.   He said it happened to him once and his coach grabbed it and put it back in place and that it hurt like a bitch.  He said it had him on his knees.

I was super nervous about this.  I googles dislocated fingers on youtube and found lots of videos of people pulling their own fingers back into place.  I tried to do it on the way home in the car, it hurt like hell but I felt no relief.  I called my wife and told her that I may need her to pull my finger as hard as she can to help me do it because my brain won’t let me pull it hard enough because of the pain.  When she got home she pulled it as promised and I screamed in agony like a little girl.  I taped it up and decided to see how it felt in the morning.

The next morning my entire hand was swollen and my finger had turned purple in areas.  I could no longer move it due to the swelling.  Here are pictures of it.

I went to the doctor to have them look at it.  After getting X-Rays I was told that I had a fracture and a chip on the bottom 0f the pinky by the knuckle.  I cringed at the thought that I had been yanking on it all night.  The doctor simply told me to ice it and keep it in a splint.


My job as a grocery manager sucks when you have a broken finger.  I wore the splint for a few days but it kept catching boxes and I found myself in the fetal position grasping my hand and waiting for the pain to stop.  I eventually taped my pinky to my ring finger to limit the mobility which helped but I still had moments where I would catch it on something.  I started to tape the two fingers together and wear a glove so the splint part underneath (not shown in photo) would stop catching things and pulling my finger forward.  Now I simply taped the two fingers together and got rid of the splint because it was causing me more pain than not.

The moral of the story is to not listen to some dude at a pickup basketball game just because he talks and sounds like he knows things because it could really cause you unnecessary pain.

Also, on a side note, my mom saw the picture and told me to take my wedding ring off.  I actually listened to her for once and am so glad because the next day that whole finger swelled up and my ring would have been stuck.

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