RAD Kids Camp

So, the world we live in is pretty fucked up. As I previously mentioned in another post https://natg31.wordpress.com/2013/05/26/the-day-my-daughter-went-missing/, my daughter disappeared on day. Or so I thought. . . I also had a great deal of involvement in the Polley Klaas abduction. Not involvement like that! I did security and it took place in my hometown area. I grew up having an extreme interest in America’s most wanted, the TV show hosted by John Walsh. I am very protective of my daughters and am leary of creepy bastards. I often check the sex offender locations and see who is nearby.
A few months ago I was at the Avenue ( a mall located here in Murfreesboro). My (at the time 10 year old) daughter Yasmine and her best friend Hailie wanted more independence from us. They wanted to go to bigger girl stores while we looked in stores like Justice and Lids. It made me nervous because they are turning into young ladies. Yasmine’s best friend Hailie is 6 foot tall!  I didn’t want to be a Marlin (Finding Nemo reference) but I was worried and I let them go and was a nervous wreck the whole time.  I lectured them thoroughly before they went.  Since that day I had been talking to Natalie about getting them into a self defense class of some sort.

I searched and searched for something and had a hard time finding anything that worked for us.  I could have put them into Guardian and they could have taken martial arts but realistically it was too much for us.  They do tumbling and dance class and there wasn’t enough time to commit to another night.  After searching around I finally called the Murfreesboro Police department and asked for help.  The woman on the phone explained the RAD Kids camp that takes place in the summer. Without much hesitation I had her send me the paperwork.  When it came Natalie and I looked it over and decided to sign them up.  We didn’t ask, we just did.

We mentioned it to the girls casually and they really had nothing to say.  Typical kids who are all about the present day.  When Summer was nearing we reminded them about the camp.  They were nervous and Yasmine pretty much had a fit about it.  She wanted to stay at home and hang out with her best friend.  “It’s my Summer!”  She exclaimed.

We had to go through  a week of arguments and let her know it was happening regardless of her objections.

So the camp was 0ne week long, it went from 9am to 3pm.  The kids had to bring their own lunches.  On day one they brought home an agenda.  It looked like a fun week.  They got to swim in the huge pool at sportscom for a couple of hours for 2 of the days.  The cost for us was $25.  On the last day they did a demonstration where the parents got to watch and see all the skills they had learned.

I was able to leave work that morning for a couple of hours.  I was pretty impressed and happy with what I saw.  The kids were lined up on mats and were doing stretches.  The instructor then told them to do moves and they would yell and get into their defensive stances.  It was pretty epic to see 25 kids in sync kicking and yelling “NO!”

To be honest it was kind of weird as my mom and I sat there in the audience watching.  It felt like we were intruding on this private thing.  The girls kept looking over at us and seemed pretty embarrassed.  I am sure they could have kicked more ass if I was not there.  With that said, I would highly recommend this camp for kids so they are empowered to protect themselves.  I feel way better after they did this camp.


Here is a link to the camp http://www.murfreesborotn.gov/index.aspx?NID=816 This is also available in other states too!

Here is Bailey doing her thing! The ball shot heard around the world.




And here is Yasmine!




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