Black and White

So the past few weeks has been insane in our country.  I heard on the radio today, one of the hosts read a twitter comment that said “Is the past few weeks a Quentin Tarantino script?”  The amount of violence around the country, well actually the world has been unthinkable.

So I have a friend.  I met him playing basketball and immediately liked him.  He has a hard work ethic on the basketball court and is a generally nice dude.  He happens to enjoy golf too, so we get along pretty good.  A couple of months after I met him he started to talk to me about his ongoing court battle against the city of Murfreesboro.  Now I know that there is two sides to every story.  The short version is that he and some friends were hanging out on the square in the Boro and they went outside of the bar they were at to smoke and some random drunk was taking a piss on the sidewalk.  The dude after peeing left.  Shortly after the MPD came up to my friend and said they were the ones peeing outside and someone had called to complain.  I can’t go into to many details because I do not want to leave out anything or mistake any facts.  Basically he was surrounded and wrongfully beaten by the cops.  I forgot to mention he is a white guy.

When he told me the story I was pretty floored but also not really surprised.  The pictures he showed me were brutal.  Over the past couple of years of being in court and him trying to sue the city, he lost.  As his friend on facebook I see his comments about his distrust in the law enforcement, he also would like and comment on a page called free will project where they highlight the police corruption and abuse in our country.  I clicked on the video I saw and was sickened.  Even worst was the fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of videos of crazed cops wrongfully beating, killing, harassing, and downtalking people.  I even saw a video where a police officer shot and killed a woman’s dog on her property (he had no reason to even be there) It was too sad.

Well recently the corruption has continued.  I have watched so many videos of innocent people (white and black) being bullied and beaten and killed by the police.  The videos I mention are the ones where the police had no reason to even pull the person over in the first place and no reason to detain, they definitely had no reason to murder the people.  I understand that there are times that police need to shoot people, I get that there are times when a mistake can happen in the heat of the moment.  However the state of the police in our country is getting ridiculous.  I told my wife a couple of years ago that on day it is going to boil over if the American justice system is not fixed.  Instead things have gotten worse and now we have rioting and police being ambushed by snipers.  I am sure that there is more to come.

The problem is bigger then just corrupt cops, or black people being profiled.  It comes down to our broken ass world.  People think they are better than others and fear what they do not know.  Couple that with the fact that there really isn’t consequences for the actions of the bad cops and now we have a country on the brink of civil war.  It really bothers me that it has come to this.  When I go online I can’t help but click on articles on facebook and I read the comments and I just see so much ignorance and hatred and it is hard to believe that people are really like that out there.  I try to stay out of the discussions because it is hard to argue with stupid.  That is why I am writing it on my own blog, I had to express my opinion about this on my own forum.

I just want my kids to understand that life isn’t black and white.  It is important to live in the grey areas.  You can’t just point at the police and blame them, or black people, or the government, it is a collection of things and I hope they will do whatever they can to make the world a better place and those around them better people.


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