P90X2 Take 3

Actual conversation with my 12 year old daugher:

Me-  So tomorrow I am making big changes!  I plan on working out and by the time it is summer I will look like The Rock, you know, Duane Johnson from The Fast and the Furious.

Yasmine-  Yeah, The Rock, I know him.

Me-  OK, never mind, by summer I will look like 1/2 of The Rock.

Yasmine-  Ha, Ha!!

Me-  Alright, never mind, by summer I will look like The Rock’s leg……..

Yasmine just started laughing uncontrollably!


So, I have been slowly letting myself go.  My only saving grace is that I work a physical job in grocery throwing stock that keeps me in a tiny bit of shape.  But sadly, I am 40 and I won’t always stay in shape.  I like good food and beer and I think life is too short to deprive yourself.   My recent visit to the doctor had me weighed in heavier than I have ever been.  I started to think about my kids and our next vacation to the beach or swimming pool.  I simply don’t want to be that dad that is disgusting and my kids are embarrassed by me, plus health is important and I want to be there for them.  Above is the shame pictures of my front and side view, I am embarrassed to share this, but screw it!

I am starting P90X3 again, the Mass schedule.  I know it won’t really help my weight because of the muscle gain but it’s the route I decided to go.  I will post periodic updates throughout the period to let you know how it is going but won’t bore you to death with too many details.  I like P90X3 because it is tough and it is only about 35 minutes if you include the cool down.  After I get off work I don’t have much more energy to do much so the 30 minute is something I can squeeze in.  If I play basketball or volleyball recreationally or a pickup game I usually skip the workout.  I also don’t do the Sunday Dynamix, it’s a stretch day, because I need the day off.  During the work out I drink water and after I drink a cup of chocolate milk with a spoonful of Agave Nectar in it for better recovery(it really helps!).  So without further ado, LET’S DO THIS!

DAY 2-

I was really anxious to start and get some results and starting this time wasn’t as hard as other times.  I knew it would be hard because a couple of weeks ago I was playing full court basketball and I was sucking wind hard.  I usually get up and down the court, game after game, ahead of all the other guys (even the younger ones).  But I struggled, and then I broke my pinkie.

So tonight I did the AgilityX workout.  I remember this workout being a tough one but it really kicked my ass tonight.  I could feel my legs burning and I had to slow down a few times.  The end when you get down and do crawly plyo pushups almost killed me!  But I got through and am so glad I toughed it out.  I am still sore from yesterday’s Total Synergistics but you got to fight through the soreness because it does get easier.

DAY 10-

I got through week 1!  It was hard to say the least.  I am fighting various injuries which make working out a challenge.  My latest is my back from working too much and the constant lifting and strain.  I also have my broken pinkie which makes the dumb bells challenging.  Today I did YogaX.  I love doing yoga, I always feel so great afterwards but it is something I just have a hard time doing.  I think as a dude you are conditioned to want to do a bulk workout and get buffer, however I feel like at least once every couple of weeks I am recommending yoga to someone.  Not only does it help to clear your mind, it helps to strengthen your core and keep you from pulling muscles.  Once again I got destroyed by agilityX but it went a little better than the first time.  I am also happy to announce that Natalie (my wife) started doing P90X3 a few days ago.   I am so happy that someone is suffering with me, now when she walks in the room and complains about how sore she is I just giggle.

So I have been going a it for a while now.  This round of P90X has been way better than previous rounds.  I love that I am taking a break from my volleyball league to really focus.  I have only missed one day for pilates and I had a good reason.  Sure, there are days I don’t want to do it but I can remember a conversation I had with a dude that was very obviously a gym rat.  We talked about fitness and working out.  He said his secret is to always do the workout even on days you don’t want to.  Not groundbreaking but on days I am tired or sore from work and I just want to sit and watch the NBA and enjoy a shocktop I hear his simple words and it motivates me.  Besides, what is 30 minutes going to hurt???

So after the first 30 days I feel way stronger, I can see obvious measurement improvements in my arms.  The workouts have been getting easier.  Here are the pictures after the first 30 days.

The cell phone photo doesnt really show the results justice but there are more muscles (Your welcome!!)

The cell phone photo doesnt really show the results justice but there are more muscles (Your welcome!!)

I have had a hard time also because of the broken finger I got.  It made it hard to lift the dumbbells but I pushed on through.  I was really excited because I weighed myself and had lost 5 pounds.  I was so happy but then a few days later my weight was back to where it was.  My wife assured me that the results were there and not to weigh myself.  I know I did the mass but I was hoping to go down a bit.  A couple of days later I spoke with one of my favorite customers, she is a physical trainer at Patterson park here in Murfreesboro.  She talked about the weight thing and told me that I should have measured my biceps or done body fat percentage and not to look at the scale.  It was nice to hear from someone other that my wife because I worry she only tells me what I want to hear.

So the 2nd phase was harder for sure.  There is a lot of arm work and legwork, plus MMA is a workout that will kick your ass every time.  After doing eccentric lower I decided I was going to substitute something in it’s place because it was extremely hard on my knees.  So for the month I did total synergistics instead.  It was hard because it’s like doing arms twice in a row but I powered through it.

So today I start phase 3 and I am happy to say that in total I have only missed 2 workouts.  I make it a priority to squeeze it in and I couldn’t be happier.  I feel way better about myself, even though I know I still have a ways to go.  I can’t wait to get back to the basketball court or back into volleyball to see how it translate into athletics.  I am still on my break but I should be returning to basketball in a week since I broke my pinkie.  Volleyball will start if I can find a new team to join since leaving mine a few months ago.  So hear are the 60 day result photos.  Sorry so awkward but I hate posing for these.  Lol!

p90x month 2

So here we go, I will post results and stories as soon as something happens.



I officially did not make it through the last 2 weeks of this bout of P90X3.  My hectic work schedule and bad luck physically with my back and wrist really hurt my ability to do the workouts correct.  I can truly say that the workout did me well because even though my weight did not drop I had tons of comments by customers at my work about how I look thinner and that “I must be working out”

So, after a couple of months off I decided to start the workout again.  I will post the pictures and the results in my next P903 entry.


Thanks for stopping by to check out my post!

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  1. BJC Health says:

    It doesn’t matter that you have clicked pictures with cellphone. I can see results very well. Really damn good job.


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