The 2016 Election Fiasco

This year’s election has been insane to say the least.  I am not a political person at all.  I really don’t care about politics a bit.  I remember when I was about 13 and the election was going on and the original George Bush won.  My neighbors were watching the news where it shows the results state to state and they declare a winner.  Just to be different I was routing for Bush to win just because back then I thought it was cool to say “Bush” and to be different.  The amount of hatred I got from my neighbors was crazy.  They were so mad and questioned how someone like me could vote for a republican.  I really didn’t understand back then and my parents never spoke about politics at all.

It doesn’t take long when you grow up in California to understand that being a liberal is pretty normal life.  I pretty much identified with the liberals because I do believe that everyone should have the right to pursue happiness as long as it does not impede with someone else’s pursuit of happiness.  I do support the progressive platform that will allow women to have control of their own bodies, separation of church and state, legalization of marijuana, the right to same sex marriage.  In fact I am dumbfounded that these issues are even still discussed.  When will our society move on?  It sickened me when I worked at a job and posted in the break room was the 10 commandments.  What in the actual fuck???

I was super excited when Obama won the election because of the great step our country had made in having a minority president.  Even though I did vote for Hillary to be our democratic candidate.  I actually really like Obama despite what people say about him.  I think he has done a fine job in office and has represented us well.  If you don’t believe me, ask other people in other countries what they think of Obama and it is an overwhelming thumbs up.  The people in this country are just so dumb and brainwashed by media like a bunch of sheep.  They will never admit that Obama’s failures are actually directly tied into the GOP and the poor job they did in congress to support our president.  I think the Obama family has made us proud and steered clear of controversy and made us a nation that doesn’t look as bad as past presidents have.

Anyway, there has been a lot of hatred and negativity all over the social media about the election.  I bite my tongue and try not to get into these arguments with Trump supporters or Hillary haters.  I get it from both sides.  Hillary did some shady things in the past (NEWS FLASH!!!  ALL POLITICIANS DO SHADY ASS SHIT), people have doubts in her because of it.  Haters of her should realize that her husband Bill did a pretty good job in office and the country did really good while he was at the helm.  Sadly all they can talk about is his wife cheating.  I hate to say it but his infidelity has nothing to do with his leadership and his ability to work with other countries and he did a fine job.  If you are going to tie in the negative about Bill you also have to tie in the positive because he did a good job and she was right there the whole time to support him in running the office.

I also get the Trump thing.  Our country is tired of the same old shit. Lying politicians not getting things done.  But having Trump would be disastrous because the house would not support him.  He would not only get blocked from the democrats, but he lacks support with the republicans.  Things would only get worse than they are now.  Also the stuff people like about him(his straight forward mouth) would offend many Americans and cause even more countrywide division.  He would also piss off other foreign leaders no doubt and lead us to a war we don’t need to be involved in.


Before this election started I had a discussion with a friend of ours, who is a republican by the way, about the candidates.  There were still many people in the running.  We talked about how much of a no-brainer it was because Hillary Clinton is clearly the most qualified to run the country.  I cannot wait for the election to be over and Hillary to be in office so I can get away from all this negativity.  If Trump happens to win, God help us all. . . .

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