How to start your daughter playing volleyball

Of all the sports I find that I love watching women’s/girl’s Volleyball.  The men’s is OK but a little fast paced.  I like girls because more technique is required and less hard spiking the ball out of the gym.  I knew my kid was going to be athletic because me and her mom are.  I wanted to get her into volleyball and had no idea where to start.  Please excuse the fact I mentioned this in my last post title “Volleyball Dreams”.

I started googling ways to get your kid into volleyball and there were no good resources out there.  I found a lot about other sports, but hardly any about this great sport?  So I was at work talking to my co-worker and she mentioned her going to her daughter’s game that night and so I started asking a lot of questions.  My girl was quite young but I wanted to start early.  She mentioned getting balloons and practicing fundamentals, which I thought was a great idea.  I went home and we played around in the living room for hours and it was quite fun but there was not much else I could teach her.

After making numerous calls I found out that Sportscom in Murfreesboro does a clinic every Thursday for girls and it only cost $3.  I happened to be off on Thursdays and so I took her.  When I got there she was the smallest one because she was honestly too young to start.  You were supposed to be at least 8 and she was 6 years old.  The instructor Miche, was really nice and embraced her and was patient and she helped to get Yasmine into the game.  We would get there early often and I would work with her on passing.  One day Miche asked if I played and I said I did in the past.   She immediately signed me onto her Thursday night league team and I began to help her coach the girls.  Eventually she would have to stop coming for her job as a teacher and I would take over the beginner’s side.

So, my advise if you want to get your daughter in volleyball is to start young.  Do the balloon thing.  I also set up a ghetto net in my yard and played with her on that.  Finally I found the perfect setting at Sportscom, which I am sure you can find in other towns.

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