Game of Thrones Season 7 Poster

So I probably was a bit late to the party for game of thrones.  I heard a lot of the hoopla, but wasn’t sure if I really wanted to commit.  I watch too many shows and at times it gets overwhelming trying to keep up.  My DVR is loaded and I feel like I am always trying to play catch up.  It is actually kind of stressful.  Add into that, the fact that I am addicted to reality shows, do-it-yourself shows, survival shows, and many sports.  It probably took me until season three of GOT to actually start watching.  I like this better because if you want you don’t have to wait a whole week, or months between seasons to get onto the next episode if the cliffhanger is too much to bear.  LOL!

In the past I followed a tutorial and made my own game of thrones poster art based on the year’s poster and I think it came out OK.  Check it out.

I followed a tutorial online.  It took forever to get the lettering and I had to play with the bevel and emboss for a long time.  I think I finally gave up and used a version of the font online to create this.

This year the poster appealed to me again.   I love the simplicity and power of the main character’s faces up close and the blue color.  I decided right away that I wanted to recreate it and so I did.  Here is a look at the current poster of Tyrion.  My favorite is Sansa, don’t know why but I used Tyrion as a model for creating my own.

I decided to attempt a recreation myself.  My photoshop skills are a bit rusty because I have been spending most of my time taking and editing photographs.  But here is the steps I took to create my image.

1-  The first step I took is very important.  Make sure you get a good starting image!  I had my wife quickly take a photo of me looking serious.  My lighting sucked and the picture was blurry.   I decided to go on anyway and try to make the best of it by doing my own shadows and highlights and sharpening.  No matter what I did the image was going to look like shit.  Here is my original starting image:

This is actually slightly edited.  I wasn’t planning on doing a tutorial and tossed out the original and untouched image.  This one has been sharpened as much as possible and it looks terrible.  When my wife walked in I showed her how bad it looked.  I was kind of concerned that my new camera was taking crappy shots and so she insisted we try again.  I was lazy but we finally opted to use the soft box to get some decent lighting on the side of my face and go to the old faithful 50mm lens.

The above is the image we ended up with.  At first we shot it with the Gary Fong Lightsphere on but then turned it off to get a more dramatic lighting effect like the original poster.  I was very happy with the improvement and proceeded to knock out the image.

The next step I did was to get rid of some of the blemishes.  I even got rid of the mole because even though it isn’t a big deal it is a bit distracting and then I decided to add the blue hue to the image.  This step was a challenge because it didn’t look right or natural, in fact here is how it looked.

I just didn’t like how unnatural it looked.   To fix this I decided to add a black and white adjustment layer over the original to accentuate the darks and lights and to more seemlessly blend the blue with the image.  I added a black and white adjustment and adjusted the sliders on the red to -41 and then tweaked the others until I was happy.  The result was much better then simply adding a blue color layer over the top with a blending mode.  Here is the result of that:

You can tell that the result is a bit more organic and the image jumps out at you a bit more.  There really wasn’t much more to do to the image.  I looked online for falling snow and found an image to slap over the top and I set it to screen.  I masked out the snow flakes that were distracting to the image over the eyes and other parts of the face.  I then took added the words “WINTER IS HERE” as well as the showtime logo and the starting date to make it look official:

The only thing I had left was to make the dynamic blue eye that is prominent in the GOT posters.  They all seemed to have the same reflection, which probably means something but I am not quite sure what.  After playing with the pupil and trying to match the blue color and reflection I decided to be lazy and just directly copy and paste the eye from Tyrion onto my own.  Here is the final result of my work:

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and please feel free to leave me any questions or comments.

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