Living the dream. . .   married with children.  I guess I have ADD when it comes to my hobbies and interest.  So much to do and so little time.  I have been interested in creating a blog for quite some time.  Back when I was exploring the world of myspace I used to post some blog like post, where I could basically speak my mind.  Some found my opinions controversial while others found it entertaining.  I guess if I can either offend or entertain or offend then I have succeeded in the world of blogging.  I hope to use this to share some interesting things I see throughout my day.  I think a lot of things I run across are interesting because, let’s face it, I am still in culture shock from my move from California to Tennessee.  I hope to share stories and photos of my lovely princesses (Yasmine and Bailey).  A big reason I started a blog is to share some of my photography with you as well as some of my photoshop photomanipulations.  I do hope all my friends and family who read this will comment and stay active so I know someone is out there.

So with all that said I am ready to jump in head first and get this party started!

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