Black and White

So the past few weeks has been insane in our country.  I heard on the radio today, one of the hosts read a twitter comment that said “Is the past few weeks a Quentin Tarantino script?”  The amount of violence around the country, well actually the world has been unthinkable.

So I have a friend.  I met him playing basketball and immediately liked him.  He has a hard work ethic on the basketball court and is a generally nice dude.  He happens to enjoy golf too, so we get along pretty good.  A couple of months after I met him he started to talk to me about his ongoing court battle against the city of Murfreesboro.  Now I know that there is two sides to every story.  The short version is that he and some friends were hanging out on the square in the Boro and they went outside of the bar they were at to smoke and some random drunk was taking a piss on the sidewalk.  The dude after peeing left.  Shortly after the MPD came up to my friend and said they were the ones peeing outside and someone had called to complain.  I can’t go into to many details because I do not want to leave out anything or mistake any facts.  Basically he was surrounded and wrongfully beaten by the cops.  I forgot to mention he is a white guy.

When he told me the story I was pretty floored but also not really surprised.  The pictures he showed me were brutal.  Over the past couple of years of being in court and him trying to sue the city, he lost.  As his friend on facebook I see his comments about his distrust in the law enforcement, he also would like and comment on a page called free will project where they highlight the police corruption and abuse in our country.  I clicked on the video I saw and was sickened.  Even worst was the fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of videos of crazed cops wrongfully beating, killing, harassing, and downtalking people.  I even saw a video where a police officer shot and killed a woman’s dog on her property (he had no reason to even be there) It was too sad.

Well recently the corruption has continued.  I have watched so many videos of innocent people (white and black) being bullied and beaten and killed by the police.  The videos I mention are the ones where the police had no reason to even pull the person over in the first place and no reason to detain, they definitely had no reason to murder the people.  I understand that there are times that police need to shoot people, I get that there are times when a mistake can happen in the heat of the moment.  However the state of the police in our country is getting ridiculous.  I told my wife a couple of years ago that on day it is going to boil over if the American justice system is not fixed.  Instead things have gotten worse and now we have rioting and police being ambushed by snipers.  I am sure that there is more to come.

The problem is bigger then just corrupt cops, or black people being profiled.  It comes down to our broken ass world.  People think they are better than others and fear what they do not know.  Couple that with the fact that there really isn’t consequences for the actions of the bad cops and now we have a country on the brink of civil war.  It really bothers me that it has come to this.  When I go online I can’t help but click on articles on facebook and I read the comments and I just see so much ignorance and hatred and it is hard to believe that people are really like that out there.  I try to stay out of the discussions because it is hard to argue with stupid.  That is why I am writing it on my own blog, I had to express my opinion about this on my own forum.

I just want my kids to understand that life isn’t black and white.  It is important to live in the grey areas.  You can’t just point at the police and blame them, or black people, or the government, it is a collection of things and I hope they will do whatever they can to make the world a better place and those around them better people.


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RAD Kids Camp

So, the world we live in is pretty fucked up. As I previously mentioned in another post, my daughter disappeared on day. Or so I thought. . . I also had a great deal of involvement in the Polley Klaas abduction. Not involvement like that! I did security and it took place in my hometown area. I grew up having an extreme interest in America’s most wanted, the TV show hosted by John Walsh. I am very protective of my daughters and am leary of creepy bastards. I often check the sex offender locations and see who is nearby.
A few months ago I was at the Avenue ( a mall located here in Murfreesboro). My (at the time 10 year old) daughter Yasmine and her best friend Hailie wanted more independence from us. They wanted to go to bigger girl stores while we looked in stores like Justice and Lids. It made me nervous because they are turning into young ladies. Yasmine’s best friend Hailie is 6 foot tall!  I didn’t want to be a Marlin (Finding Nemo reference) but I was worried and I let them go and was a nervous wreck the whole time.  I lectured them thoroughly before they went.  Since that day I had been talking to Natalie about getting them into a self defense class of some sort.

I searched and searched for something and had a hard time finding anything that worked for us.  I could have put them into Guardian and they could have taken martial arts but realistically it was too much for us.  They do tumbling and dance class and there wasn’t enough time to commit to another night.  After searching around I finally called the Murfreesboro Police department and asked for help.  The woman on the phone explained the RAD Kids camp that takes place in the summer. Without much hesitation I had her send me the paperwork.  When it came Natalie and I looked it over and decided to sign them up.  We didn’t ask, we just did.

We mentioned it to the girls casually and they really had nothing to say.  Typical kids who are all about the present day.  When Summer was nearing we reminded them about the camp.  They were nervous and Yasmine pretty much had a fit about it.  She wanted to stay at home and hang out with her best friend.  “It’s my Summer!”  She exclaimed.

We had to go through  a week of arguments and let her know it was happening regardless of her objections.

So the camp was 0ne week long, it went from 9am to 3pm.  The kids had to bring their own lunches.  On day one they brought home an agenda.  It looked like a fun week.  They got to swim in the huge pool at sportscom for a couple of hours for 2 of the days.  The cost for us was $25.  On the last day they did a demonstration where the parents got to watch and see all the skills they had learned.

I was able to leave work that morning for a couple of hours.  I was pretty impressed and happy with what I saw.  The kids were lined up on mats and were doing stretches.  The instructor then told them to do moves and they would yell and get into their defensive stances.  It was pretty epic to see 25 kids in sync kicking and yelling “NO!”

To be honest it was kind of weird as my mom and I sat there in the audience watching.  It felt like we were intruding on this private thing.  The girls kept looking over at us and seemed pretty embarrassed.  I am sure they could have kicked more ass if I was not there.  With that said, I would highly recommend this camp for kids so they are empowered to protect themselves.  I feel way better after they did this camp.


Here is a link to the camp This is also available in other states too!

Here is Bailey doing her thing! The ball shot heard around the world.




And here is Yasmine!




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My Broken Finger

I have played sports for pretty much my whole life and have been lucky because I have avoided many injuries and broken bones.  I did have to get surgery for a dislocated shoulder from football but I think things could have been a lot worse due to the number of years and variety of sports I have played.

Last week I was recovering from a bad back and when the guys included me in the group message to play pickup basketball at MTSU I decided that I should go and stop wallowing in my misery with my sore back.  Get out there and sweat a little!

So during the first game of full court I go to grab a rebound and I misjudge it a little bit and it hits my pinky hard on the end.  Ouch, I think.  It felt like a jammed finger, which I have endured a hundred times on the basketball court and as a wide receiver playing football.  I run down court and look at it and it looks crooked because it was slightly sticking out.  I kept playing and had to make sure my D was on point because my guy was a scorer and I needed to shut him down.  It was my left hand, and I am right handed so I got the ball and crossed a guy over to my left and and went to the hoop and scored.  As I ran down court I was trying to bend my finger but it was getting harder and harder.  A couple of trips down court later I got the ball in the post and layed it in over my defender’s outstretched arms.  The game came to an end and I sat on the side and looked at my pinky.  It was now hard to bend and was beginning to swell.  Out of character for me, the next team went to play and they asked me if I was going to play, I said no (I never say no).  Another guy who was sitting out that game and I started talking and I showed him my finger.  He said I don’t think that is broke, I think you dislocated it.   He said it happened to him once and his coach grabbed it and put it back in place and that it hurt like a bitch.  He said it had him on his knees.

I was super nervous about this.  I googles dislocated fingers on youtube and found lots of videos of people pulling their own fingers back into place.  I tried to do it on the way home in the car, it hurt like hell but I felt no relief.  I called my wife and told her that I may need her to pull my finger as hard as she can to help me do it because my brain won’t let me pull it hard enough because of the pain.  When she got home she pulled it as promised and I screamed in agony like a little girl.  I taped it up and decided to see how it felt in the morning.

The next morning my entire hand was swollen and my finger had turned purple in areas.  I could no longer move it due to the swelling.  Here are pictures of it.

I went to the doctor to have them look at it.  After getting X-Rays I was told that I had a fracture and a chip on the bottom 0f the pinky by the knuckle.  I cringed at the thought that I had been yanking on it all night.  The doctor simply told me to ice it and keep it in a splint.


My job as a grocery manager sucks when you have a broken finger.  I wore the splint for a few days but it kept catching boxes and I found myself in the fetal position grasping my hand and waiting for the pain to stop.  I eventually taped my pinky to my ring finger to limit the mobility which helped but I still had moments where I would catch it on something.  I started to tape the two fingers together and wear a glove so the splint part underneath (not shown in photo) would stop catching things and pulling my finger forward.  Now I simply taped the two fingers together and got rid of the splint because it was causing me more pain than not.

The moral of the story is to not listen to some dude at a pickup basketball game just because he talks and sounds like he knows things because it could really cause you unnecessary pain.

Also, on a side note, my mom saw the picture and told me to take my wedding ring off.  I actually listened to her for once and am so glad because the next day that whole finger swelled up and my ring would have been stuck.

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Movies I want my kids to watch someday

In order to be a good movie or TV show in my book I think it has to touch different emotions.  You should watch the movie and laugh, feel sadness, pride, hate, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally enjoy watching a mindless horror or comedy that doesn’t involve any brain cells.  Who doesn’t like movies like Scary Movie?  Or Cable Guy?

So, as I stated in earlier post, I really write this blog so perhaps one day my kids can grow up and maybe see what was in the mind of their crazy father.  I love movies and I really believe they shape a lot of the way we are.

So here are a few, not all, of the movies I plan on watching with my daughters when they are both old enough to sit through them.  Of course I will tell them to leave their Ipads and iphones in the other room and give these flicks a chance.

#1-  The Lovely Bones


To be honest, we just watched this over the weekend.  As an avid reader I actually read this novel before I watched the movie.  As usual, I enjoyed the book much more but still think the movie was pretty well done.  I felt that my daughters had to watch this to truly understand the evil that exists in this world.   Plus, I love the special effects throughout the movie.


#2- The Shawshank Redemption



This is probably my favorite all time movie.  Talk about bringing you through every possible emotion.  The combination of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman is flawless and the movie is excellent.  Everytime I flip through the TV channels and it is on I always stop and watch it no matter what I am doing.  I think the lesson for my girls is to never give up and make the most of every situation.  “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”


#3-  Glory


Probably the only movie I enjoyed in school that they made us watch.  Its based on a true store of the 54th battalion.  There’s a lot to learn by watching this great movie and it is a great reminder of how black people really were treated in our great country.


#4-  Fight Club


As a huge Chuck Palahniuk fan I have to expose my kids to one of his movies.  Of course Fight Club is the best Palahniuk book to movie(truth be told the other movie versions of his books are horrible)  I have read every book he has written and there is so much about our culture that is exposed.  Fight Club is not just about a bunch of nasty men who meet beneath a bar to brawl but is so much more about the struggle with government and rebellion.  I think the lesson in Fight Club is to not accept things the way they are and that anyone can truly make a difference.

#5-  Pulp Fiction


True story, my friend and I went with a couple of girls to watch Pulp Fiction in the theater and I absolutely hated it.  About a year later a friend of mine talked me into giving it a chance, I did, and it immediately became one of my favorite all time movies.  I think the first time I didn’t really pay attention, this movie jumps around time so much that you have to pay some attention.  I don’t really have a reason my daughter’s should watch this in terms of life lessons except maybe that it is a small world and you should be prepared because someone you meet one day may be very important down the road.  I just think they should watch this masterpiece of a movie and enjoy the great dialogue between the characters.


#6-  The Strangers


I have seen a ton of horror films in my life.  Most of them are horrible.  Every time I get in the horror conversation with friends I always tell them that this is the scariest movie I have ever seen.  What is even more frightening?  It is based on real life events!  The fact that this could happen to anyone at anytime is terrible.  Just another real life reminder of the evil that is out there and to be cautious.


#7-  Lean on Me


This is another movie I sat and watched with my girls a few weeks ago.   Also based on a true story, this movie is so good and I really remember it strongly when I was quite young.  It really gives you hope and makes you feel like you can walk out and change the world for the better.  I have watched this movie a hundred times and it never gets old.

#8-  Donnie Darko


My wife and I watched this movie at home and we had never really heard about it.  We were blindsided by its greatness.  This is a movie I try and watch at least once a year.  All of the characters are perfectly cast and the 80’s setting and music is awesome.  I think for me this movie kind of makes you think about things you normally don’t think of, like time travel and mental illness.

#9-  Jerry Maguire


Just today on the NFL playoffs they had a skit with Cuba Gooding Jr. who was acting like Rod Tidwell.  My daughter was laughing but said she didn’t get it.  I told her that is was a skit from the move Jerry Maguire.  She said “Lizzie Maguire?”  I rolled my eyes and told her that she has to watch Jerry Maguire because it is the best movie ever.  This movie for me is perfect, it has Tom Cruise, it is based on sports, it takes you through all the emotions, and it is just so well done.  The moral of this movie is that loyalty is important and will pay off.

#10-  The Sixth Sense


For anyone that has watched this knows that the movie at the end just absolutely kicks you right in the gut.  Sadly M. Night Shyamalan really didn’t do anything else close to as great after this.  I believe in ghosts because I have had experiences where I have personally dealt with ghosts, therefore I believe and am not skeptical which is maybe why I embrace this movie a lot.  I think my kids will really enjoy this.


So there is is, my list of movies that my kids should and will watch.  Some may be soon and some may be in a few years when it is more age appropriate.  My next movie list will be movies my wife wants our girls to watch.  I decided to have her make a list because I was stuck in my #10 movie and I asked her and she spouted off Fried Green Tomatoes.  I shook my head and said “save it for your own list”  LOL

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Mybook 5GB external hard drive woes

So a few years ago I bought a WD mybook external hard drive.  I was pretty excited to up my memory because my photoshop collection and photography was eating away at my memory.  I kept having to purge things and get rid of things I kind of wanted.  I couldn’t be the horder I am.  5GB a few years ago was a big deal and held a ton of shit.

A few months ago I noticed weird things.  Like my computer not finding it right away.  I would power cycle it and it would work.  It happened a couple of times.  In my mind I thought “shit”, would suck if I lost all this stuff.  I have all my older pictures, old videos, and my entire music collection.  I basically tapped out the memory with crap that would fit on my hard drive.

So my new favorite jam is Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran.  Not to get off topic, but that is some good shit right there.  It kind of reminds me of old 70’s music, I think of Marvin Gaye when I hear it.  My daughter Yasmine likes Ed Sheeran and asked me to upload it onto my computer so she could have it on her iphone.  I finally decided I wanted it on my phone so I went into my computer and plugged in my iphone. It did all it’s updates and I decided to take off one of my older Tupac CD’s and replace it with Ed Sheeran, X.  It went through the whole process and the next morning I pulled out my phone to hear my song.  To my dismay, there was no Ed Sheeran on there?????  I searched on my phone and noticed that 2Pac was gone too?????   Made no sense at the time.  So I went in and tried to upload again but it didn’t work.  I noticed that the light on the mybook was not on.  I took the power cord out and waited and put it back.  Nothing.

After a lot of research I realized that the mybook from WD has issues and the problems are common.  Sadly, I saw that it wasn’t really guaranteed to work out.   I found a bunch of forums and videos like the one below.

I took the mybook apart and hoped I could figure it out.  Natalie was very skeptical.  “Maybe you should take it to someone who knows what they are doing!”  She said.  Sadly I saw in my research that data recovery could cost up to $1500.  I got to the hard drive inside and tried to get it to work but it would not respond at all.  I ended up going to Best Buy the next day to buy a SATA cable.  When I connected it, it still did not work.  Now I was getting major anxiety, I started thinking about all the stuff I lost.  I was sick to my stomach.    I should have replaced the fucker when it started to act up months ago.  Stupid. . .

I had a desperation plan.  I heard if you freeze it, that could make it work.  I read it numerous places and had to try.  I froze it overnight and tried the next day and. . . . .   you guessed it, nothing. . . . . .

I found a thing online called a hard drive dock.  I had never heard of this before.  Keep in mind I am not super computer literate.  So I shopped around and bought one from Newegg called and EZ-Dock by Kingwin.  I placed the order around the 12th of December and expected I would get it within a couple of days, which is normal when we order online.  I have been on pins and needles for 10 days now and it finally arrived.  When I got home from work I viciously tore open the box with great fury.

I connected it to my computer, which was very easy, and inserted my hard drive that came out of my WD mybook.  A few seconds later I got the notification on the bottom the my devices were ready.  “DEVICES”!  I clicked on the notification and it showed the EZ-Dock and the WD 5GB.  I opened it up and all my documents were there.

I listened to Ed Sheeran, thinking out loud directly off the hard drive about 16 times in a row and sang at the top of my lungs so happily while my daughters stared at me like I was a lunatic.  LOL!

I love this damn thing!

I love this damn thing!

Even my inappropriate ones I thought were gone forever.

Even my inappropriate ones I thought were gone forever.



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The Time Bailey had Alopecia Areata

July of 2014 my beautiful daughter Bailey suddenly got a bald patch on her head.  We thought it may have been a freak occurrence, or maybe she had twisted her hair too much(she was a habitual hair twister and hair chewer).  At the time she was 7 years old, so she was at the age where she was dressing cute and really trying to mirror her older sister.  At this point is wasn’t too hard to cover the spot by pulling her hair in a ponytail and hiding it.

Soon another spot appeared.  When my wife, Natalie, brought it to my attention I freaked out on the inside.  “What the Fuck?”  I mouthed to my wife so Bailey couldn’t see?  The look on her face said it all.   I was suddenly very worried and sick.  Natalie pointed out that Tyler, our youngest son, had it for a time and developed a bald patch on the back of his head, she said it went away eventually.

It took some skills but we were able to still cover the bald patches by carefully placing the hair so it covered it.  But it only lasted so long, she was 7 and hardly sat still.  Her hair was often a hot mess, and the patches were fully exposed.  I hated that she may go to school and kids might mention it.

One night she stood in the mirror and looked at her bald spots and said “Hey DaDa!  Soon I will look just like you!”(I shave my head bald)  I assured her that she wouldn’t look like me and not to worry.  She smiled “It’s OK, I want to look like you!”  This was so cute and nice but I couldn’t stop worrying about her hair loss and when it would stop, if it would stop.

Researching online just made me more anxious because all the sites really had no cure and it seems to be so different for different people.  Here is the online official definition:

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a prevalent autoimmune skin disease resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. It usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth patches on the scalp and can progress to total scalp hair loss (alopecia totalis) or complete body hair loss (alopecia universalis). The scalp is the most commonly affected area, but the beard or any hair-bearing site can be affected alone or together with the scalp. Alopecia areata occurs in males and females of all ages, but onset often occurs in childhood. Over 6.6 million people in the United States and 147 million worldwide have, had or will develop alopecia areata at some point in their lives.

Alopecia areata is a highly unpredictable and cyclical condition. The affected hair follicles become very small and produce no visible hair above the skin’s surface. Hair can grow back in or fall out again at any time, and the disease course is different for each person. No matter how widespread the hair loss, most hair follicles remain alive and are ready to resume normal hair production whenever they receive the appropriate signal. In all cases, hair regrowth may occur even without treatment and even after many years.

I thought about a woman we used to work with at Food 4 Less in California named Stephanie.  She was one of the funnest people we had the pleasure of knowing.  I didn’t see her for a couple of years and suddenly I saw her one day and she was completely bald.  If I’m not mistaken she had a version of this disease and it completely made her bald.  I hated the idea of my 7 year old having to wear hats or wigs, or just try and fit in like this.

I took her to a dermatologist and they told us what we already knew, she had alopecia areata.  There was really nothing he could do.  He told me he could prescribe a cream to apply that may help to promote hair growth and if that didn’t help I could come back and he could inject it.  I told him that I probably wouldn’t put her through that.  So we went home and we just put the cream on nightly.

Here are pictures of Bailey’s hair loss during this time:

The top of Bailey's head

The top of Bailey’s head


Over time the hair just started to come back.  Not only that, Bailey’s hair in these areas has grown back really light and looks like beautiful blonde highlights.

Here she is last month, the hair came back real nice!  She is the one on the left.


So I wrote this post for anyone out there who feels as helpless as I did when my kid’s hair started falling out for no reason.  I searched websites and really didn’t find much information that was promising.  I wish I had found a posting like this one to ease my mind.

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Sore Loser

Let me get it out there right away.  I am one of the most competitive people you will meet.  I love to win and I hate to lose.  That is why I am successful.  It could be anything and I want to be the best.  I do lose from time to time, but it really makes me better and I focus on what I can do to be better.  I think I am pretty good at being classy when I do lose and treating my competition with respect.

So, as previously written about here my H2H was super exciting.  I had made the finals the year before and lost in the finals.  I had worked so hard and sadly fell short the year before and it was a great story of redemption.  I am a self taught photoshop chopper and was able to compete in a world of graphic designers and other really good artists.  In the final match of the H2H 2014 I faced a really good chopper named ANFA (His real name is Anthony), he is a very great sci fi photoshop artists and has many wins under his belt.  He is also very active on the site and has ALOT of friends that he has known for a ton of years.  He is socially way more active than I have ever been at the website in the forums and chat.

Anyway, I wrote this post because one of my pet peeves in life is sore losers who cannot accept defeat with dignity.  For the finals last year, we had to photoshop a hawk of some sort.  It was hard to think of a good idea, but after staring at the image I decided to come up with an emotional photo of a girl slave in a bird suit, chained in a dungeon, to add a little something more I wanted the spirits of birds rising from her.  Because I am a photographer I pulled out my camera and table and set up my white backdrop.  My oldest daughter Yasmine was going to make the perfect model for my concept.  I set her up and took a lot of pictures until I felt like I had the perfect one.

I then created the following chop

The finished entry.

The finished entry.

I was ecstatic at the finished work.  I could hardly believe I had created this from scratch with various components and my OWN photograph.  Not to mention, I would have an epic photo of my beautiful daughter to hang on my walls always.  When I entered I felt very good, if I lost to Anfa I had accepted the fact that I did my best and losing was not a shame for me in anyway.  When the contest opened and I saw his image I was pretty impressed by the good technical work Anfa always puts in, but I didn’t feel anything about it.  I lacked the story of my imprisoned bird girl.  So like I do every contest in the H2H, I showed my co workers both chops and asked their opinion of which was better.  I asked 6 people and only one even recognized the girl as being Yasmine.  Only one of them said they liked his chop better.

His chop against mine.

His chop against mine.

So based on many people I asked throughout the next few days, I had a good feeling I had a chance to pull the upset.  And when it ended I had won and been announced the champion.

Anfa sent me a generic congrats message and I sent him one back.  But it only took a few weeks for the real bitch in Anfa to emerge.

He wrote to me via one of my facebook postings that something had been bothering him for a while.  He said that he was mad I used my daughter’s image in the contest because he felt like that is why I won.  He said the contest is anonymous and I got votes because people knew it was my daughter.  I was in disbelief at first, and asked him “You have got to be kidding right?”.  Sadly, he wasn’t.  The delusional asshole really thinks he had the better image and deserved to win.  His go to excuse was that I used my daughter to get votes.  I responded that he made no sense.  Hardly any of the voters know what my girl looks like, and a lot of his “so-called” friends on the site (which are numerous) voted for my image.  Why would his votes go my way if everyone voted for my image based on my daughter?  Wouldn’t it be opposite if they knew which way to vote in order to pick the image of their beloved friend Anfa?  There was really no arguing with this retard because he was in complete denial that he got beat fair and square.   Go to the page and look at the comments. My image struck an emotional cord with people and they loved the feel and concept.  A lot of the voters were his people.  Besides that I won by a landslide of votes, I could see if it was close.  Face it little guy, you got beat. . .

The reason I am writing this blog entry is to get it off my chest because today I happened to go the site and saw where he took a cheap shot about it in the forum saying “Before we do this, can we all agree not to post pics of our kids in our chops?”  C’mon man, get the fuck over it.  Tomorrow the new H2H begins and I wish I had the time and energy to enter again, as I have for the past 7 years, and could have a rematch again with him.  I would like nothing more that to mop the floor with his ass.  Sadly, my life is too busy right now for the contest.  I couldn’t give my all and the time it takes to do the H2H this year.  So I sit and maybe wait for next year.

So the moral of the story is:  If you lose, just shut up and don’t make yourself look like an idiot by making outlandish statements.  Quit drinking and hiding behind your keyboard and try to intimidate people.  Learn from your mistakes and get better.  Shit, read the comments lil man.

Just a side note.  The year prior I faced off against a great chopper named Volkeswes.  I created another epic chop against him that won.  Instead of being a bitch, he was classy and handled his defeat with grace.  He told me that my chop was one of the best he had ever seen on the site and congrats on winning in advance.  Coincidentally, the image I created was with externals I had photographed my self.  The arm in the photo was mine, the tree I stood in and shot down to the ground was my tree in my field, the little girl on the bottom is my youngest daughter.

My image in 2014 H2H against Volkswes.

My image in 2014 H2H against Volkswes.

Now that you mention it, as with many many chops I have created.  My daughters are a part of them.  Here are some examples:

27whfjty5ag731guchovnq7fdie2x13btmew m4cfs5sbtz4mp67qlxfzz8brfed0502kme5i v25uzz0bhe2hr6jsmnkkactq5goz0is7sx57

Head to Head 2013

Head to Head 2013

So, kind of funny that only one guy has brought this up in all these years.


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